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When 1 in 20 deaths occur from suicide surely politicians must realise that their policies and laws relating to the group of people with such a high suicide rate are contributing to those suicides?
Not if they are racist, xenophobic and genocidal white Australian politicians of Judeo Christian upbringing.
The Australian First Nations People are the ones currently with this inhumane answer to these genocidal policies against a people who have had their land and lifestyles stolen and abrogated.
The call for a Royal Commission is yet another joke in the usual round of jobs for lawyers whilst failing to rectify previous stupidities for even longer (we are only in office until the next election and this only relates to 2% of the population). []. The following report contains some horrendous and staggering statistics on issues I canvassed to so-called political leaders in the mid-1990's. As usual, they did not listen:

FrayedBear 9 June 6

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the australian disgrace.


Utterly shameful


Politics can be the cause and the solution of this problem. It all depends on if the government is of the people or of the corporations. This is sad but true in all developed nations.

Is there any ex colonial government, USA, China, India and Russia included, that does not behave badly toward indigenous peoples?

@FrayedBear Not that i know of and I do not know this happens all the time.

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