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Sounding off...

Again IF one wants to get to know me, I am not interested in having my profile critiqued or to hear how intimated one may be by same.

I have worked hard on myself in this life; I like being who I am and I know what being in love feels like, plus I have a concept of who I am seeking.

Please leave any fear filled comments at the door if you come knocking, or please find ANOTHER DOOR, as I am also not easily manipulated.

TY and be well.

LetzGetReal 8 June 7

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I looked because of this post... you seem like a good person, that’s not a critique is it? ☯️Peace


So you have know who you are, and you have a clear idea of the kind of person you are looking for, and you honestly laid your cards on the table in detail. I think that saves time and is better than so many of the confused, lonely sounding, and not sure what, but "looking for someone to complete me" kinds of profiles I have seen. Well done.


Lol! I also had my profile critiqued. There's a bunch of a-holes here, btw. You're fine and I love PeeWee! 😀


it looks and reads well..if someone got an issue, that's all on the Meme..


Too bad you had to post that, I read your profile and my critique says it looks great 🙂

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