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Wow. Level 7. In a MONTH. So, I guess I utilize Heathen Central more than I ever dreamed I would. And met the most interesting people. So. My query for you is, have you met someone astounding or amazing on here? One you hope for? One that blows your hair back, romantically or otherwise? It's been THAT good of an afternoon, to make me this un-snarky.

onlyduh 7 June 9

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Welcome to L7U and the Senate.

Petter Level 9 June 10, 2018

Congratulations. Yes, I have made some great friends on here.


That is an enthusiastic YES!


I got to level 7 in less than nine days. I didn't realize how addicting this site could be. I've met some interesting folks on here, and the groups are where it's at. It's not like I spent alot of time on here prior to reaching level 7, just commented alot is all.

Likewise, but not as rapidly as you. I've just done a simple division of 50,000 by 10 and realised I've been averaging 5 thousand points a week, mainly by being on here in the evenings rather than watching mediocre TV programmes.




That is some dedication there. Respect! ?


Grats on 7. Absolutely!


I am nooooooot teeeeeeeelling.......

@onlyduh if you must know......




That's great. The Point Police are starting to retreat. Sounds like your are doing good, keep it up.


Whoo-hoo! Congratulations! Some people got their panties in a twist when the first of the new members leveled up that fast. I say thank you for being a contributing member and an asset to the site! Xoxo ❤ And I have met a lot of nice people on this site and formed many friendships as well.

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