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Unipiper Street Justice!

Video shows "Unipiper" playing the Star Wars theme to shut up religious zealots who were protesting the 2018 Portland Starlight Parade

Brian Kidd, aka the Unipiper, is famous across Portland for donning a Darth Vader mask while simultaneously unicycling and playing the bagpipes.

Here he is at Starlight Parade, with only his pipes and a cape, annoying megaphone-clad street preachers while playing the Star Wars theme.

"I was lined up waiting my turn to step off for the Starlight Parade when these yokels show up and start making a scene right across the street,"

"It was super frustrating because everyone was just there to have a good time and these guys seemed squarely opposed to any of that."

"I always pride myself on using my powers to do what I feel is, objectively speaking, the right thing and in the best interest of the city," he adds, "and in this situation, the choice to me was clear. So I take off and go over there to get up in their space and show them that their presence was not welcome by anyone."

"Afterwards, I had several Portland Police Officers come up to me and thank me for what I did," Kidd says. " I actually don't like having to do things like this. Generally, I think my music is better suited to creating a positive atmosphere, but in this case, when the parade was seconds away from starting, there wasn't really any alternative."

z0000 7 June 9

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Love it.


Nice way to counter-protest, no need to revert to free speech.

Lukian Level 8 June 10, 2018

I resent being told by complete strangers that I'm a sinner - especially via a megaphone.

Whatever happened to disturbing the peace laws?


He seems to find good use for his talents!


Love this guy.

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