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People who are mentally ill are not selfish. They are suffering and struggling with something that is overwhelmingly painful. They need compassion and support, not silence and judgment. There is still a stigma about reaching out for help. We need to get past that.

bleurowz 8 June 9

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My mother was bipolar and clinically depressed. As an adult I realize that she could not help the things that she did.

However, Trump is mentally ill, and he is selfish.


I worked in mental health on a crisis line for nine years and taught suicide intervention workshops to crisis interventionists. Telling someone who is in such despair they feel there is no option other than death, that they are being selfish because they can't bear the pain anymore- that is not at all helpful. Essentially, the message is "you must continue to endure this pain to avoid hurting others". A suicidal person needs to feel understood and needs help finding some glimmer of hope.


1-800-273-8255. Or text 741-741. Tell a friend, a counselor, a doctor. Please talk to ANYONE.


Can you not suffer and struggle with something overwhelmingly painful AND be selfish?

Of course they are not mutually exclusive. But suffering from depression, and even choosing to die by suicide, does not MAKE someone selfish.


This country can't seem to outgrow the John Wayne - Clint Eastwood syndrome. Mental health, gun control, and the idea that we know how the rest of the planet is supposed to build their societies.


you speak the truth!

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