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I had suspected that my landlord was doing some terrible things, but I had no direct evidence of it. He was good at hiding things. My landlord often takes in homeless women. Most leave, without warning, in less than a week after coming here.

Just recently I befriended one of the women he took in. As the days progressed, she told me a story that shocked me.

The story boils down to this: my landlord was willing to do a lot for her. But unless she started having sex with him, he'd kick her back out on the streets.

Last Thursday she had enough: after my landlord groped her in public (the onlookers seemed to blame her, not him), she decided to leave. I gave her what money and food I could, and she took off.

I am still in contact with her, trying to find resources for her. I plan on moving out myself, and will be looking at a house that she and I can move into. But that is in the future; she needs help now.

The ideal ending foe this? I'd like to find a place for her, until I can get that house. I would like to see my landlord shut down, and preferably led out of his house in handcuffs. And I'd like to get out of here myself before anything else happens.

And a hint to everyone: if you become homeless, don't do it near a weekend. Everyone I have tried to contact has been out and about, and not answering their e mails or phone calls.

Robotbuilder 7 June 10

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Did you try the Vice squad at the local PD?


You and she need a female landlord. As a landlord, I promise that I have NEVER ever ever ever insisted that my tenants have sex with me.

I have taken in two homeless people in the past into my rentals...and one stayed 3 and half years and worked for me part-time and the other turned out to be a con-artist that I kicked to the curb after a month of lies and watching him blow his money on everything from magic markers and novelty key chains instead of attempting to pay some rent.

Good luck with your situation. Your landlord is a douche...but right now I don't actually think he's broken any laws except simple assault for the groping in public. She would have to press charges, of course.


😟 I'm so sorry.


Somebody needs to press charges against the landlord.

Deb57 Level 8 June 11, 2018
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