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Do you think atheists and agnostics can make claims about morality?

Carter31 2 Dec 25

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We May be More Truthful than the Other Side. My Moral Compass has no church agenda!!!!


Of course...even they weren't non-religious they could. Just by the mere fact one has to deal with morality, so I think the question is a bit daft.


I'm a humanist so I do not adhere to the core beliefs of most religions but I find many of them the most logical to follow. I make some concessions and modifications, of course, such as "do unto others as they'd WANT or need of you".

It just feels good to not be carrying negative emotions and do well for others when its in my power. It doesn't hurt social standing, having a sense of community and acquiring another set of achievements either!


Atheists and agnostics have as much claim to morality as Christians or anyone else. Certainly the Christian Bible does a poor job of teaching morality considering it excuses slavery, justifies rape and murder and war, and condones misogyny and cruelty. The Christian God's ten highest laws (commandments) make no mention of slavery, rape, or child molestation... which seem pretty immoral to me.

In fact, highly religious countries are typically the most violent and have the most inequality, oppression, and social injustice.

Religious people have no moral high ground to stand on. Not one single war has ever been started or fought over atheism. No one murders in the name of atheism. No one makes laws to oppress others because of atheism.


My sister and I follow "the teachings of Christ" (ten commandments) better than most Christians I know. Best example is Trump and Pence. If that is being Christian, I'm glad I'm not! Morality is doing what's right and enjoying the feeling it gives. We don't need church for that.


Well I think everybody's view on that is different. even religious people argue amongst each other about what is right or what is wrong what's moral or what is not moral. personally it's all a matter for opinion I personally think so long as you are not hurting anybody innocent or taking which does not belong to you or harming anybody's life in a negative manner that I think everything should be fair game. but that's just if you ask me . good question


I always thought that ethics were a transcendent version of the laws of cause and effect and do not require a religious overlay or interpretation...


Yes. I think atheists generally live by a morality that is more beneficial to society, than religious persons, who for the most part will talk till theri blue bout morality, but seldon follow their own moral views.


morality is a personal choice we choose to be moral religion does have to be the basis of that. of course if you have no moral compass some religions or at least some religious doctrine might be useful.but no necessary.

johns Level 4 Dec 25, 2017

What are the lyrics from the Rush song Freewill?
"If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice".

You are correct. Morality is a personal choice. There is no other option.


Of course. No religion can claim ownership of the basis for morality. The basis for my concept of morality is the concept of minimum violation of human dignity, respect and well-being and of the environment which enwraps us.


I think a lot of people can make a lot of claims....but I do not think that morality is based solely on ones fear of an afterlife. I do think some people need that extra 'oh crap, I won't get into heaven if...' push to do the right thing, or to make sure they don't do the wrong thing.


Being free of religion does not make anyone immoral...


Why not? Is morality supposed to be somehow supernaturally derived?


I would personally accept opinions. Claims seems to be more based on proven fact?


Absolutely and from a source that is autotelic rather then a reward after death.

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