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Two years ago today, at 2am, we lost 49 precious people to a man with a gun at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Yesterday, a man with a gun killed himself and 4 children in a hostage standoff. Recently we had a school shooting, by a man with a gun, in Miami (Parkland). I am trying to distance myself from the despair of today's world, but I cannot distance myself from this.


poetdi56 7 June 12

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It's the NRA and it's lapdogs.


Move where they do not have them or even just a culture of not using guns to murder.

Or maybe just maybe you regulate them in a way where there is less likely a chance that it will happen?
And no country is safe from a person that is more than willing to do what it takes to get a gun.
As a Canadian I can tell you we've had our issues, but then we don't have the gun crazed fanatics the US does!


It breaks my heart each time, and prayers and thoughts are worthless as are those offering that shit up.


Notice that it is almost always men? When not men it's different; a mission gping after specific parties then done.

We manufacture these men of today. We've always manufactured guns. What's needed is 'male' control, correction and prevention of their disease.


Yes. And the argument has gotten so polarized that I'm not sure we'll ever find common ground on a solution.




It is the guns! No assault rifles, age limits to purchase with mental health and criminal background checks.
All of America suffers from senseless gun violence, but Florida has had so many recently. I mourn with you for all victims.

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