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What do Christians think god looks like?
A study from the University of North Carolina says that he's a young white guy. Believers around the country chose from pairs of photos to create an image they believed looked like 'god'. Sadly, even African Americans saw him as white, and virtually everyone saw him as a male. Liberals saw him as kind, and conservatives saw him as authoritative and organized.

ladyprof70 7 June 12

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Interestingly, the most immediate thing that comes to my mind is the way God is drawn in The Simpsons, as a huge glowing old guy with a beard and a slight weight problem. Thats the kind of God i could have a beer with...

Denker Level 7 June 13, 2018

The Catholic school I went to was actually pretty progressive when it came to the teachings of what god looks like. They taught that god looks like everyone, because he made man in his image.


Here's what one forensic anthropologist thinks Jesus looked like..

Wouldn’t the TSA alarm bells go off with him…


Silly people. Obviously, it looks like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.


This has little do to with the question, but among the logical fallacies and other issues with the movie Super Size Me, one thing irked me. In one scene, Morgan what's his name shows a picture of Jesus--white guy with beard--and asks Kindergarteners who it is: most of them did not know. Then, he shows them a picture of Ronald McDonald and all of them know who he was.

Morgan used this as an example of how McD's brainwashes children. He thought it was a shame that the kids recognized Ronald but not Jesus. Really? It assumes that all children are Christian and should know what Jesus "looks like."

Morgan what's his name” Thank you, I found that refreshing!


Once you’ve entered the realm of make believe ..anything's possible 😉

Varn Level 8 June 12, 2018
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