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Who inspires you ?

Wildgreens 7 June 13

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A dead friend called Ron who was a conchie in the 2nd world war a lifelong pacifist and left to work as a social worker with is wife in 1945. Feraless and honest I try but fall short

Ron sounds heroic


Anyone who's fearless or anyone who's artistically gifted.


People who give of their time and talent. Music and art also inspire me.


Open minded people.


Someone I have connected with on this site. She's pretty wonderful, amazing, principled, tough, intelligent, articulate...the list goes on.

She sounds wonderful. ??


My dying brother..

Awe I'm so sorry honey.

@Wildgreens thank you Gf...


Some close friends who I love dearly. They remind me of what's good in the world.

It's great to have those reminders. ☺️


Inspire me to what?



Buddha Level 8 June 13, 2018

MLK and Paul Simon


Keanu Reeves


True humanists inspire me ,I'm still working on properly dealing with my overly Christian family ,when I don't react well to them it make me feel like all my humane behavior towards others is nil . People like Keneu Reeves and Audrey Hepburn inspire me


People who have endured substantial challenges and hardships--illness, tragedy, bad relationships, addiction, grief--and find a way to still live fully, generously, and happily. That's more of us than we realize sometimes, but it's still no small achievement.


No one


This is actually a very good question and it may get tricky as well. How to explain this without showing off or looking as too proud, or annoying or some people would even say arrogant? Anyhow, long story short, anyone who has accomplish something with the cards given is usually the one who gives me hope to get better. There are plenty of good examples. If I have to name one.... Stephen Hawking. But then again, there is Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, of course good old Albert..the list is quite long

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