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What's the song you remember most from the year you graduated high school and what year was it?

Mine was 1978, and it was mine and my ex-husband's song. I get teary eyed when I hear it. I don't miss that man at all, but it's heartbreaking to see someone you love work so hard to go down the drain.

By Tecolote7
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Watch "Steppenwolf - The Pusher [Lyrics]" on YouTube

@Tecolote. Small world... Easy Rider was cool.


Highway to Hell...AC/

Kahuna Level 6 June 13, 2018

I forgot 1979


1989 Simple Minds

Hitchens Level 8 June 13, 2018


Gatovicolo Level 7 June 13, 2018

Yep - that one


That is an awesome song. Thanks for sharing the memory. 78 is also the year I graduated but had been overseas. The American groups I was able to hear over there were Pink Floyd and Kansas so those stand out to me from that year.

HeraTera Level 7 June 13, 2018

Seals and croft "we may never pass this way again "


My class song was Jeremiah was a Bullfrog, 1972. 3 dog night

t1nick Level 8 June 13, 2018

Correction I think it was by CCR. Soooooo.... long ago.

t1nick Level 8 June 13, 2018

Lot of tough choices but I finally had to go with "Stone Blue" by Foghat from 1978. Surprised I leap frogged over favorites like Van Halen, Judas Priest and The Ramones.

BobbyJaan Level 6 June 13, 2018

Music was under going major changed in the late 60's and between Woodstock, The Beatles and other English Musicians. Miss's Brown You have a Lovely Daughter which I think was by Herman's Hermits, but I was also into Bob Dylan, Janis, Otis Redding, Chicago, Manhattan Transfer and Skeeter Davis " Why does the Sun go on Shining" The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and yes Elvis was still alive but not anywhere near the above mentioned.



kmdskit3 Level 8 June 13, 2018

Probably "Arthur's Theme" (The Best That You Can Do) by Christopher Cross. I remember because that was also the year I started college (1981), and my next-door-neighbor in my dorm would play it over and over and over again.

bleurowz Level 8 June 13, 2018

This was 78 but it was an important song for me...


Lovely song!


Mine would be Tragedy from Christina Perri. It summed up exactly how I felt with my ex and that was year I decided to get out of the abusive relationship I was in. I looked for love and wanted to be cared for so badly that I ignored warning signs and finally had had enough..

Alexcaelum Level 3 June 13, 2018

Mine is not a song but an album Zeppelin IV, it came out in 1971 and I graduated in 1979 but it was the alblum I listed to the most. I love all of the songs.

Black Dog! One of my favorites of all time.
I like to key in on Bonham's drums in that song... incredible!

@Paul628 Hell yeah! It rocks but hell I think the whole album does, Not to mention arguably the greatest rock and roll song of all time stairway to heaven.


I never actually graduated but i loved a john stewert song called “Gold”.i can't get it to paste in here but the lyrics seemed to fit so well with where i was and wanted to be.

And that’s it.

azzow2 Level 9 June 13, 2018

One of my faves.


I graduated in 1984... I can't really pinpoint one song, there were so many songs ranging from the hideously bad to very good.
I didn't listen to much from that year anyway, I liked early 70's up to new wave & some punk.

Paul628 Level 8 June 13, 2018
  1. The year I discovered Tom Petty, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Traffic, and The Pretenders.

1981 Rick James "Superfreak" - first kiss with a girl who loved this song.


Johny Mathis, "My One and Only Love" 1957

JanGarber Level 7 June 13, 2018

I hope he is OK and has turned his life around to the extent he can. I graduated in 73.......

Mitch07102 Level 7 June 13, 2018

California Dream - Mamas & Papas 1966

Sticks48 Level 9 June 13, 2018

Blowin in the wind, 1963.

PBuck0145 Level 7 June 13, 2018

AC/DC's TNT, Because we we're TNT in '83...Our class song

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