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Does anyone feel better now that Trump claims to have "solved the problem" of North Korea?

To me it's as hollow as his claim that millions of people came to see his inauguration where the miracle of the weather clearing up happened. I mean the orange fuhrer probably brags about every one of his poops as "the best and largest poop ...ever."
I'm done being nice about this con man.

Novelty 8 June 15

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I trust him as far as I can throw myself. With my pockets full of rocks.


He will repeat it until his base believes it no more nukes in N Korea

Marine Level 8 June 16, 2018

Decades of building an arsenal was NOT ended in half an hour.
Trump gave in and got NOTHING in return (NK has made these promises before, multiple times). It's never happened and won't now.
This is reality.

Agamic Level 6 June 16, 2018

Another reality, both dictators (trump and. Kim) are lying about the meeting (reason no one else allowed to listen in on it).
Kim is saying he got trump to remove sanctions but will not denuclearize until the USA does.
It's a sad state we're in.


Hell no he did what putin has wanted and canceling the war games as he calls them is the worst idea ever

I found it interesting how many of our enemies them war games while OUR military referred to them as military maneuvers.

@Agamic personally I just couldn't think of the proper name and they were effective in many ways and worth every penny


I didn't mean you.
POTUS referred to them that way when most officials would call them military maneuvers.
Russia, NK, and other authoritarians call them war games.
I just thought it was interesting.


Read an article today somewhere that captured it perfectly. The title was something like, Time to say it as it is. Trump is a Traitor. It is time to say that. Russia, North Korea, and even China, despite his trade threats -- he's betrayed the US to all of them. Don't know what the real story about Trump is - compromised asset, spy, sympathizer, crook, grifter -- but I hope we find out one day. Might we hope that Mueller will put it together and lay it all out.

he is working with Russia and has for over 30 yrs they have the oil deal in the Ukraine and putin wants to rule the world he is in other elections and I think he promised trump dictatorship of the USA he is draining our treasury hurting industry after industry and now committing crimes against children at the border he did have a pay to play and might still have another lawyer doing what cohen did he is destroying from within depts. in our government and he is alienating our allies and he is aware of all of it no one does anything around him without permission

@whiskywoman if something like this turns out to be true and proven, then it will make Watergate look like kids stealing candy bars from a corner shop. I do not think the Republican Party would be able to brush it off and move on like they did with Nixon. They, this party, would be guilty of aiding and abetting a traitor and felon. May the right side of history prevail here.

@David1955 it is true The 45-minute documentary was made by Zembla TV and illustrates Trump’s relationship with Russian mobster Felix Sater. It also shows his relationship with other wealthy Russians and their “pyramid scheme for money laundering.”
Trump’s ties to Russia are a tangled web of lies and manipulation.

The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, Part 1: The Russians
his fla hotel houses Russian women here for birthing anchor babies and its not shut down and during the campaign he told that he knew about it all more than once he can't keep his mouth shut he said for Russia to get the emails and another time he said ill have the dirt in 3 days I think on sat (might not be exact but he bragged he was getting the dirt on Clinton ) and that shows he knew about the meeting he knew they hacked he said he knew more about the internet than anyone mitch got 2.5 mill from Russia ryan bragged that campaign contributions were the way to launder foreign monies

@David1955 there is a plethera of proof out there Rachael maddow is good at putting it together


No shit?! I never have believed anything thats speed from his lying mouth, and never will. he's only in it for the attention to himself. you'd think he'd at least be smart enough to figure out that he's not just endangering his own country and the entire world with his constant bullshit Narcissism, but also his own family. Best narcissism, but also his own family. Guess he doesn’t give a shit about them either from the looks of it.

There’s an interview where trump basically acknowledges his narcissism, claiming it’s a positive thing ‘for business.’ Which, I suppose would be considered positive, by a Narcissist.. It’s unbelievable, to me, how much money his kids either make or have access to ..though when I see them, they appear to be churning with paranoia. I view his children as victims, complacent, but paying a heavy price…

he has never been held accountable and now he will be


He got had and he admires Kim. Plus, we're not in any real danger from North Korea anyways. I hope people realize that. If Trump is serious about our national security he should negotiate an end to the North's cyber-attacks. Now that I think about it, EVERYBODY'S cyber-attacks.


How can you feel better when he insults democratically elected leaders and kisses the ass of dictators?


oh yeah, cuz he says so (NOT)

btroje Level 9 June 15, 2018

I’m sure he was played…

Varn Level 8 June 15, 2018

It's as hollow as his head

Xena Level 6 June 15, 2018

No doubt the ‘largest, emptiest, most amazing cavity’ she’s ever seen 😉


The "christian right" have found their "Antichrist". They just aren't aware..SMH



He didn't block progress on the issue, which is what every president since Truman has done. Let's hope he keeps it up, this is a situation which has festered too long. The Koreans and the Chinese get the lion's share of the credit, but if the war is ended Trump prancing around with a Nobel Prize is a small price to pay.

but he did nothing but stop the war games we need and give the worst dictator legitimacy kim in his country said nothing about getting rid of bombs he just said no more deterrents to new war

@whiskywoman The threatening and destabilizing war games we performed on their borders were deliberate provocation, we don't need them, ending them was a positive gesture of good intentions. We are allied with plenty of dictatorships, he is their legal government whether we like it or not. And getting them reintegrated into the world community is a far better path than sanctions and isolation, which strengthen dictatorships. And even if Kim keeps his bombs, so what, he only got them to deter a US attack. If the war is ended and the process of reunification begins, we can take all the time we need to denuclearize. And when is the US going to live up to its treaty obligation to eliminate nuclear wrapons under the NPT? Oh, right, we are spending a trillion dollars upgrading our already mind numbing nuclear
arsenal ...

the war games are good for us and for south korea and japan the help keep Russia and kim in check


It is a small step in the right direction with respect to North Korea.

BD66 Level 7 June 15, 2018

not really it helped them and Russia not the rest of us


Not a bit...

Melany Level 5 June 15, 2018

All I got from it was Trump has started severing ties with allies and pissing off Canada (how the hell do you piss off Canada? Trump found a way). Then he becomes buddies with a dictator he openly disrespected. I’m not saying the meeting shouldn’t have happen, but what is the end game? What are we really gaining?

Yeah, no shit! I never in my wildest imagination could have figured out how any US president could piss off Canada, let alone disrespect them.


The whole thing was just a photo op for both leaders. The only thing is that North Korea came out looking like a world nuclear power on par with the other nuclear nations in the world. As far as I can determine, Trump got trumped! The U.S. came out of the meeting with nothing. North Korea will just keep stringing the U.S. along for years about giving up its nuclear arsenal. Yes, they will continue to negotiate with the U.S., but nothing will ever change. Meantime, Kim has strengthened his political position in his own country and in the world. President "great deal maker" will just continue to brag about how he alone made the world safe from the possibility of a nuclear war. Trump has shown once again that he is just a low life, con man!


Although I think that the meeting with NK was a small step in the right direction, nothing Trump has done has made me feel better. Trump and Kim Jong Un are very volatile creatures.


I stay in Missouri for a reason: he has to show me, not tell me.



EdEarl Level 8 June 15, 2018
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