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Do you have time? Yes? Because you will need a lot of time to read the list of atrocities committed by the catholic church from its beginning in the iii century to present. Time. Christian atrocities | victims of christianity | catholic church -
www. Truthbeknown. Com/victims. Htm

DUCHESSA 8 June 21

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I have read and heard of some. One that I could never confirm that was rather horrific was. Convents were created so that nuns that would get pregnant would be hidden from view. That ring that the priest ware at one time signified that the nuns were church property and could be done with as the priest liked. They would not even keep the babies the babies on a lot of occasions would be thrown into pits for dogs to eat. Something like this would be hard to prove and have only ever heard it relayed by word of mouth. From the past atrocities that religion had done, I can not help but believe that some truth is in this story.

azzow2 Level 9 June 21, 2018

Those were the Magdalena Laundries...and the last one was closed in Ireland in the late 90s.
Do you remember Sinead O'Connor.....the one who rip in two pieces the Pope's pic? She..or her mother...was a victim of the Magdalene Laundries.
Not only the movie was made but, also, the government of Ireland recognized / apologized for the horrors suffered by the victims.

@DUCHESSA I do she had shaved her head bald.

@azzow2 Yes, that's her


Magdalene Laundries in Ireland
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, also known as Magdalene asylums, were institutions of confinement, usually run by Roman Catholic orders, which operated from the 18th to the late 20th centuries. They were run ostensibly to house "fallen women", an estimated 30,000 of whom were confined in these institutions in Ireland. In 1993, a mass grave containing 155 corpses was uncovered in the convent grounds of one of the laundries. This led to media revelations about the operations of the secretive institutions. A formal state apology was issued in 2013, and a £50 million compensation scheme for survivors was set up, to which the Catholic Church has refused to contribute


As the Roman Empire became the Catholic Church (while not specifically stated, as Rome died the Catholic Church rose) I would include the Roman Empire's list as well. Look at the Saints, look at Roman and Greek Gods (mythology). Look at their attributes. Look at the Saint's attributes -- look familiar?

xyz123 Level 7 June 21, 2018

The list I mention goes back to the IV century....

@DUCHESSA That list does, but I include the Roman Empire along with it.

@xyz123 I believe the list I posted also tells about the Roman Empire.

@DUCHESSA The Roman Empire came before the Catholic Church. It started in BC, not AD.

@xyz123 Gee, no kidding...if you didn't tell me I wouldn't know....LOL Please, dear.


No thanks. I already know how much bullshit they started. Need I hear more?

I don't think is a matter of "hearing more" but of learning about the horrors the catholic religion has vested on mankind... And its consequences.

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