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70 years ago my country took the bold move to provide healthcare, free at source for all, from the cradle to the grave. We hear lots of nonsense about the NHS, it certainly has had its problems and of course it has employed some rogues over the years but there it is. There are only a small number of people alive who remember a time before it but I remember caring for elderly people who reported it was common to lose at least one sibling to TB. In those times mothers regularly died in childbirth, rickets was common and children grew up unhealthy with wholly preventable conditions. The NHS employed my grandma, my Mum and for much of my adult life, me. Countless doctors and nurses have been trained by it and have contributed to the ongoing welfare of all. Under funding and backdoor privatisation doesn't help and we have to keep fighting. It is our finest endeavour and I am massively proud of it.
Below is a picture of a lovely modern hospital.

Amisja 8 June 22

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The NHS is a great institution, but it could learn a lot by seeing what is done in other countries.
For instance, I have a medical card with a unique number, similar to a driving licence. When I go to a doctor, anywhere in Spain, they read my card and immediately know my complete medical history.
Four days ago I had to go to the hospital to see "dracula". I had been given an appointment time, and when I arrived I held my card in front of a reader, in the same way as one pays a bill with a credit card. The machine printed out a code number and I went to sit down in the waiting room. On a big screen, there were loads of numbers, with a cubicle number attached. I watched my number head up the queue, and then it was allocated a cubicle. I entered the cubicle, and the nurse filled four vials with my blood, labeling then with a self adhesive bar code that had been printed out automatically as soon as I was called. The time from arriving to leaving was about fifteen minutes, because everything is computerised. When I went to see my doctor two days later, in our local medical centre, she pulled up the lab results on her screen and issued a prescription, entering it on the computer. I then went to a local pharmacy, (there is a choice of around half a dozen) where they put my card in to their computer, and issued me my drugs, charging me 10% of the full price.
I month's supply of Losartan plus one month's supply of Alprazolam cost me 53 cents, meaning the medicines cost the government 5 euros and 30 cents.
I don't know how much the NHS pays for these drugs, but unscrupulous suppliers do try to overcharge. In Spain, they are automatically blacklisted, and as far as I know it's permanent, so drug companies toe the line.

Petter Level 9 June 22, 2018

TY For informing us w/ 1st hand knowledge

twill Level 7 June 22, 2018

Yes, the Tories and some of Labor are happy with cutting funding to NHS so they can say it is not working so let us sell it of to private enterprise, and bugger the people.

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