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The big three!

Stevil 8 Dec 29

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hehe..."let's Muuuuuuuum-Buuuuuuuuuuuuuull"!


That's funny.


always mumbling somehow.


Hah! Lol.


You remember when you were a kid got a spanking and mumbled? Is that where it came from?


Same meat different gravy


lol... good one and so true too! funny shit right there.. 😉


Is there not some emotional value to prayer? Does it not have its own merit regardless of whether or not the one praying believes?

Why would someone who doesn't believe pray?

Personally I see it as little more than a form of meditation. If it helps you center yourself, relax, focus, etc.. What's the harm?

I pray often and I don't believe in god. There are many reasons to pray. I find it helpful to have something to make concepts like gratefulness, humility, self criticism and mindfulness more tangible. Also being Jewish I feel very connected to my culture and ancestry when I engage in prayer.

Blessings are similar to prayer and I think also add a great deal to life. We're taught in Judaism that you bless your food in order to elevate your physical pleasure of eating it to the spiritual pleasure of being thankful and humble in consuming it as well as to stop and appreciate the fact that are such good things on earth.

I kinda view it as healthy self talk.




Love it-though only Hasidic Jews pray like that all day.

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