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Utterly Incredible!
Ignore the fact that your ancient, historic church burned down - praise the miracle that a prayer room was almost unscathed!

By Petter8
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Desperate attempt to find a silver lining.


I visited the city of Hamburg, Germany. There is a church with a tower that for 2 years was the tallest edification in Europe, during WW2 church was bombed by Allies air force, after fire was over, only the tower was standing so they rebuilt the church. Shit happens.


I hate the BBC. I really hate them.

I like the BBC. Far better than Sky News. Also, I have lived in violent areas, and listened to news reports about the very place I was in. Usually, the most accurate report was from the BBC.


I hate their bias and their demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn.




"People are taking comfort in the belief that the reason the room was still intact was because there was a spiritual fire which the ordinary fire could not penetrate."

So why didn't this "spiritual fire" prevent the real fire from spreading from the night club where it started? If there was a "spiritual fire" why didn't it protect the entire 130 year old church instead of just one room with a couple cheap couches?

icolan Level 7 June 23, 2018

Wait, I'm sorry. Delusional dumbasses.

KKGator Level 9 June 23, 2018
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