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Racist calls cops on little girl selling water.

Let's call her 'Permit Patty'

kmdskit3 8 June 24

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Some of those people just need to get laid...they are way too strung and it is affecting their common sense and sense of decency...a kid selling water...really?

What would she have done if it was a little 'white' girl with a lemonade stand?

@kmdskit3 I know...she even said she saved the little girl from becoming a future hustler that would sell drugs or did she even make that leap unless she is such an ignorant racist feckless cunt...

@thinktwice ??Thank you for the Samantha Bee quote! Agree with you absotively!


Jeeeeeebbbbuuuuuuusssssss, probably goes to church and tell all her friends how righteous she is. Biatch.

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