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Got a fb friend request sometime last night while I was asleep. It was from a childhood friend. He lives in Texas now. We had been staying in touch through fb up until a few years ago. I had to unfriend him then. The reason? His views on Christianity and it's place in government. He firmly believes that the US is a Christian nation based on God's law.
I personally don't care what a person chooses to believe. But when you take your beliefs and say that it should be law that everyone should be made to follow. that's when I speak up. And I always will. This is something I will never be quiet about until it goes away.
Religion is like a penis. It's ok to have one. It's ok to be proud of it. But don't whip it out in public and start shoving it down other's throats.

msar0414 6 June 24

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The picture in my head after reading that lol. You are correct a lot of modesty would go a long way if applied to religious nutism.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

I don't blame you I would have unfriended him too. I know I don't need that kind of trash in my life and your FB is for you to do as you please.


What did he do on FB that was offensive other than holding an opinion that was different from yours? Was he rude to your friends? Did he dominate every discussion with religious proselytizing? I know that can be annoying.

skado Level 8 June 24, 2018

Pretty much. He's very vocal about his Christianity. His everyday posts generally have "praise Jesus" or "good is good" in them. What broke it for me was a post that had something to do with religion in government. We got into what I would loosely call a debate about it on the post. He stated my facts as my "opinion", but could not back any of his statements up. I'd ask him to reference where in the Constitution it stated we were a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. He couldn't. All he could come up with was it says so on our money and in our pledge. I provided reference to the fact that those were added in the 50's. He still called it my opinion. I have zero use for ignorance like that in my life.

@msar0414 don't blame ya one bit - it can be a downer to read that shit all the time !

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