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I stay away from political arguments on FB, but I'm getting really frustrated with people blindness! A law that already existed, but was followed softly, then they decide zero tolerance, separating many more families then usual, for two months. Then suddenly emphasize that they are stopping the zero tolerance and allowing children to stay with their parents unless absolutely necessary. Meanwhile you have people all over the country completely divided. Friend and family are dropping each other like flies, arguments are breaking out online and in person, and everybody is acting like this is the most important thing to focus on. It is a horrendous humanitarian crisis, I get that. But it's a classic slight of hand trick. One of Trumps best, actually. Everyone look, pay attention to all this bullshit over here while the real shit is being missed by everyone. It's just such bullshit how shortsighted everyone is becoming.

Melany 5 June 24

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While you say all that there are children in centres who may not see their parents again for months or years. Imagine that.

I admire Hunt Palmquist who refused to take any more flights that transported immigrant children to detention centres.

He saw it first hand. He was traumatised by what he saw.


But we're not distracted. We're hyper-aware of all that he, his cabinet members, Republicans in Congress, and SCOTUS are doing. We've become adept at multitasking, but it is exhausting, which I'm sure they're counting on. They hope we'll give up due to sheer fatigue. We'll keep juggling these balls as long as it takes, despite the new ones thrown at us.


I have zero tolerance for people who put innocent children in cages. Trump is using them as pawns to get his Great Wall of Trump built. Trump has bragged about one of his business tactics is distraction and this is another of his stunts. He has disgraced our country on a daily basis. He has caused a division between American citizens. He has also alienated our allies and befriended our enemies. The only wall we should give Trump is prison walls around him.


That's one of my favorite things to do on FB... torture the trumsters

Xena Level 6 June 24, 2018

It is extremely cruel that they need to prove a point with such drastic measures. What is happing is both sad and now seemingly necessary. The pussyfoot technique has been tried and does not seem to have any effect. Imagination is the makeup of our country just as the laws are we all as citizens must obey the laws or if caught have to pay the price. What is going on from what I gather is we earn money and pay taxes which comes out of our pay connected to our social security number. So that immigrant can use the benefits that we all pay for should contribute to the system. The way to convince them to become law-abiding citizens seems to have escalated to drastic measures.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

Many of the policies that the current administration is implementing are taken directly from the Nazi propaganda machine that was used to take over Germany in the 1930's. Instead of looking at the BS going on, look at the real agenda of this administration. It seems to me like they want to turn us into a Third World country and preparing to aid in some kind of invasion from a hostile force. I'm old and out of shape, but I keep my guns cleaned and ready.


With more to come. Fear and trepidation. Seems like everybody is pissed off! Is it the end or another growing pain?


The country is playing right into the orange one's hands ... possibly to our long lasting detriment . We are becoming less "great" each day. Doesn't look good ...

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