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Tiny eggs on a leaf l found awhile back finally hatched! They are so tiny l can't tell what they are. Looked like ants at first, but after closer inspection, looks almost like a tiny wasp. They crawled so fast it was hard to take pics, so not exactly in focus. Still kinda cool!

Free_2B_Me 7 June 24

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Thank you. This is so cool!


Those are parasitic wasps--egg parasites. That's a huge and difficult family to ID, so I'm afraid I can't do any better than that. Those eggs probably belonged to a moth or butterfly. After they were laid an adult parasitic wasp laid her eggs within them. The wasp larvae fed on the potential caterpillars and then emerged from their eggs, when they were mature. That's as large as those wasps get. I had a bunch of parasitic wasps emerge from the buck moth eggs I collected from the wild last year.

@Insectra thanks!

@hankster you're welcome. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me.

@Insectra you're Mighty welcome! ? thanks for the knowledge.


Looks like sand bees or digger bees can`t be certain though.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

Never heard of those...will have to look it up! Thanks!

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