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Thinking about the end of life, do we get dispersed throughout the galaxy as energy? Or do we simply fade to an eternal blackness?

JDC710 3 June 26

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Just as it was before you were born.

K9luvr Level 2 June 26, 2018

100% of current available evidence points to oblivion.

100% of current available confirmation bias points to immortality.

Immortality implys being human. Energy is energy no matter what the topic is.

@JDC710 Sorry to break it to you, but humans are mortal and our mortality, our dread of it, and our efforts to subvert it, defines much of what the human condition is about.

Also ... you and I are a particular configuration of matter and energy. So, the fact that energy is conserved has zero to do with whether consciousness is preserved.

If I drive my car into a bridge abutment at 100 miles per hour, that kinetic energy is converted to heat and light energy or used to crumple my car and its contents. The energy is preserved, the form is not. Particularly if there's a nice explosion and fire, my car is not recognizable. Even if it is, it will never be the same. It doesn't go to car heaven or car nirvana or something. It's no different for humans.

@mordant You’re taking what I’m saying as my direct beliefs. This was nothing more than a question to start a conversation. Not to see who’s dick is bigger. So if you could ever so kindly stop with your argumentative-ness, that would be great.

@JDC710 And this is nothing more than a conversation. If I'm not talking about your direct beliefs, there's no problem, right? Especially when it's not personal to being with. But ... I have said my piece, so we're good there, too.


I intend to apply the equation in the photo and get as far away from this greed riddled planet as possible.

azzow2 Level 9 June 26, 2018

Well, quite a lot of people have Near Death Experiences, so you may have some kind of transition experience. Sometimes people even share these when others die nearby.

The scientific view (at the moment) is that when our bodies cease to function, awareness stops and we just fade. The matter of which the body is made is recycled into other earthly forms, and perhaps when the Sun dies will go on an interstellar journey.

Denker Level 7 June 26, 2018

Almost as if the earth absorbs everyone to wait for the end and from there who knows.


Our bodies are controlled by small electrical impulses. Referring to the "matter can neither be created nor destroyed" theory, one might deduce that the small electrical impulses "leak" into space. Maybe, maybe not, however even if they do, our ego (our self) dies, so we would not know it.

Bobby9 Level 8 June 26, 2018

That’s the beauty of it. The fact we could have/going to release🍸 our “energy” into space and somehow found its way to another “life force”, is simply a mind twist.

@JDC710 Well the computer I'm typing this on for example consists of matter and energy that once was part of other things (including living things) too. This seems pretty self-evident. Not sure why it is revelatory in nature.

@mordant I totally agree with this statement.


Back into nature feels good to me.


Neither, you die, you rot, nature recycles you.
That's pretty wonderful and as near to imortality as any of us are ever going to get.


Eternal Blackness. Black is beautiful !


Well interestingly enough.we wouldn't know if we dispersed or faded into blackness. But a friend and I were talking about this 2 nights ago and there may also be the experience of eternity in the last seconds of death. Each may find what they are expecting. I found ,rather accidentally, using salvia. That time and feeling time pass into an eternity is quite easy for the mind to do. Its terrible if you didnt mean to do it. But living thousands and millions of years 3 times in my head in the space of 20 minutes was so terribly overwhelming and super exausting . But it did happen and i felt that much older from experiencing it. So that last few moments. Even that last piece of a second may be all it takes to experience a hell a heaven a new life reincarnated . If thinking is being for all we know this place is just the last second illusion felt by us dying some place else.

Dude I love this theory! The fact that life could merely be the last second of life. Which, time being made up (illusion), could come to a stand still in your head forever because your brain processes the “thought” or “perception” of time. That sounds like a crazy trip man, must have been super overwhelming.


Consciousness depends on a working brain. So, when that stops, you stop. The bioelectric energy of the brain will ground out and that's that.

You seem to be seeking an afterlife by another name.

Not looking for an after life at all. No one has true proof of an actuall after life or not. It was more of an open ended question to make you think about different possibilities. I don’t have a set answer for a lot of topics for the fact that I like to take an absorb different ideas to kinda come up with my own free flowing thoughts.

@JDC710 Ok, fair enough

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