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Wow. When the crap hits the fan, sh1t can sure fly.
I think I’ve found it. Rock bottom. It’s here and it hits hard.
After finding out that my s/o was inching his way to an affair, I thought things might repair themselves as I was trying to be open minded about a poly relationship. Come to find out, our third had an s/o. This 4th individual found out about the other 3 of us and went nuts. He managed to get my s/o fired from his job, us kicked out of our apartment, and to lose the friendship of our third. Now I’m sitting in Seattle, signed up for every assistance program available and facing homelessness with 2 kids, a dog, and a cat.
I sincerely regret my decision to move back to Seattle, even though it is my favorite place on earth. I wish I could undo the last 4 months, but I can’t.
It feels very helpless when the sh1t hits the fan, especially when you aren’t the one that made it happen.

Zella789 3 June 26

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I am so sorry


Poly relationships are obviously very complicated.

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