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Any members have inside info on the riots in Iran? They’re chanting “we don’t want an Islamic Republic!”

Wafflestomp 6 Dec 31

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Apparently our backing out of the brokered agreement in Iran has contributed to their inflation and so on... and likely just like Syria, Libya and others, the CIA is there stirring the pot. The USA loves to do that when a leader refuses to kiss our collective arses. I really wish we would let people choose their own leaders. The majority of Syrians love Assad and loved his father. I guess we let Russia choose our leader... sigh...


US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria
"Trump is lying when he says Iran is “the Number One State of Sponsored Terror”. This is the same exact script they run over and over and over again, and people are falling for it again like Charlie Brown and the football. It is nonsensical to believe things asserted by the US intelligence and defense agencies on blind faith at this point, especially when they are clearly working to manufacture support for interventionism in a key strategic location. In a post-Iraq invasion world, nothing but the most intense skepticism of such behavior is acceptable."


It's hilarious to me that Trump is telling the Iranian government to pay attention to what the protestors are saying because the world is watching. Trump has been the most protested president but his administration just thinks we need to shut up.

dkp93 Level 7 Dec 31, 2017

What I'm getting says that the riots are caused mainly by inflation rates and high unemployment. Viewed through the lense of culture from what I know of the region chanting "Death to the Islamic Republic" isn't necessarily them wanting an end to the regime. Death to X is their way of expressing anger and displeasure at something and not necessarily their sincere desire for death.


they usually suspend social media so the outside world don't know whats going on. I don't think people realize this is slowly happening to our country. we are slowly being converted to a dictatorship. we have a president who is the most elusive in history. he doesn't give press briefings and this administration is the least transparent in history.


Hi, im Iranian, (born in the US) After talking to some people online, it seems the protests are a wide range. General discontentment with the gov, from islamic rule, to corruption, to income. There has been a growing resistance to sharia, however, the trend seem to be: the gov enforces strickly, until people grow discontent, then they allow some resistance, and then crack back down on the public. Hope its different this time 🙂.


The present situation with Iran reminds me very much of the #ArabSpring propaganda which was circulated just before Egypt, Libya, Syria and etc started receiving "freedom", courtesy of the USA.



Just found this...looks like good news!


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