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What is the worst thing you've been accused of simply based on appearance? I myself have been accused TWICE of being a nazi (intentionally not capitalized). I shave my head because I started to go bald when I was 19! I worked at a shop in South Omaha. There was a black fellow that just started working there. One day at lunch we were the last two in the break room. We got to talking, and he said he thought I was... Another time on FB someone accused me of it because of my profile pic.

On a tangent, when I did security, I put the fear of "god" into people. Sir/Ma'am, I need to check your bag. I was polite, and I'm sure some needed to get new undies!

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

What's your story?

TheGreatShadow 9 June 27

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Many years ago when I was a washing machine repair man I went to a house where the owner said the next door neighbour would let me in... I turned up at the appointed time to fix said machine. it was in a closet underneath the stairs. The neighbour was a very attractive lady and she let me in, returning to her house. It just so happened that I was dying for a pee. I knew if I went upstairs to the toilet the neighbour would return just as I was upstairs at the toilet and be highly suspicious as to what I was doing up there. In The UK we call that effect Sods Law.

So... after repairing the washing machine I set it to rinse and behind the closet door had a pee in the soap powder drawer which would simply flush the pee out. predictably the neighbour returned just then, when I was in mid-flow and accidentally pushed the door and me with it so that I trapped my member in the closing soap drawer...There was blood and piss all over the place. Thankfully the neighbour saw the funny side of it when I eventually explained. The ER at the hospital saw the funny side as well and could hardly contain their mirth treating my lacerated tallywacker.

Not gonna lie. That made me laugh! That must have sucked tho! That'd be as embarrassing as accidentally sitting on something and having to go th the ER to get it extracted! I've heard stories of this actually happening. Good luck explaining that to the ER! No one will believe you! All you could say is it was a 1 in a million shot doc! lol


As a woman of small stature, there is most often a perception that I am unable to do the job, or am vulnerable, or can be intimidated, or assaulted, or confronted, or frightened, or harassed,or defenseless, or defeated. I am none of these as so many have found out too late for their own good.

Dynamite comes in small packages. 🙂

@TheGreatShadow My dad used to warn my dates with this saying. =0}


People always think I am a christian. I am not. I don't like their abusive religion.But because of the way I look people just assume.

I'm a recovering Catholic. I understand your pain! Also Welcome to the forum!


A jezebel.

Being called a princess isn't bad. Not by any standards.

@TheGreatShadow Trudat.


"The sheriff is a N _! Ding!" I've been accused of being black. Should we have to wear any etnic labels at all? I've been called many things in many places. Ever forward was my motto. I'm still here standing tall. I made it a point not to justify their fears. Just live.


Because I'm overweight and physically awkward, people have assumed I'm lazy, dumb, and undesirable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hold your head high! If you are told that enough, eventually you will end up believing it. It's like criticizing a fish because it can't climb a latter. Don't believe it!

@TheGreatShadow Thanks. I don't believe it now, but I did for a very long time.


I am sorry that you are judged like that. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many artists and musicians have gone the bald/tattoo route, making this image less intimidating for "everyday" people...thanks for the reminder not to judge by the cover...

Sadly, these two examples are just the ones people told me. Probably a lot more think it. A friend of mine spent 12 years in prison. has lots of tats. He takes his shirt off to try and intimidate people. When that happens, I tell him to put his damn shirt back on!

@TheGreatShadow Is it any wonder that many people fear blacks and brown people when they can't even get over a freaking hair style or tattoo? You would think with all of the information available to us that we would have figured out by now that we are all one of the same human race. We are surely devolving instead of becoming enlightened. Some days, I hate people.

@thinktwice My hate is blind. I don't see humans in terms of color. I mostly agree with you on the tatoo part. But, there are some you need to watch out for. Unless they are trying to ve "cool" or reformed, here is a few. A spider web on your left elbow means you've killed someone. Three dots on your right hand means you are part of a Mexican gang (but can also mean my crazy life). A tat under your eye can mean you have killed someone. Police use that for profiling. If you have a cross with 4 lines going outward at a 45 degree angle from all sides of the crux, that's a gang symbol. There is more, but can't think of any off the top of my head.

@TheGreatShadow Yes, I know there are quite a few meaningful tattoos associated with dangerous elements or causes, whatever...very scary...nothing like my little bumblebee on my

@thinktwice Pics? I don't believe you. lol

@TheGreatShadow thank goodness I am not living in

@thinktwice Me too!

@TheGreatShadow too is the Show Me state, after

@thinktwice Gotcha! lol

@TheGreatShadow 😎


Natural selection provided us with certain heuristics like "snap judgments" as a survival advantage. It's an extension of agency inference basically -- the bushes rustle and we assume it's a predator and run -- any questions are asked later. We in fact develop an aversion to rustling bushes. People who think that it might just be a harmless squirrel or bird have a nonzero change of being surprised by a saber-toothed tiger.

Now we live in a largely urban, technological setting and this mental trick is transferred to assessing whether people attempting to socialize with us might be threats. Oops -- that guy's probably a racist skinhead! And science shows us that once such snap judgments are made, we tend to cling to them even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the "snap judgment" was wrong.

I have always by nature fought against this, but to a fault -- I sometimes don't (or perhaps won't) see perfidy when it's staring me in the face, and seems obvious to others. Clearly, my adherence to rational assessment and a default assumption of innocence is too far the other way.

Brilliant response!


Shaved heads were usurped by the alternative right which are basically fascists. Originally they were the punk rock crowd. But then it slowly creeped into the neo nazi boneheads.

I oddly have never been called a neo nazi, just a regular one. Either way they are wrong.

@TheGreatShadow Neo merely means new. As opposed to just plain nazi which is the same thing unless your dead which I see that you are not. And neo or just plain it is good that you are not either kind. Good nazi is an Oxymoron.

@Countrywoman Neo nazis aren't really like the old school ones (equilly stupid tho). Hitler was Roman Catholic for most of his life (still Catholic when he died, but threw all the Jewish parts out of the bible). Neo nazis a lot of times are Protestant. You could say my point is splitting hairs, but they are both people that spread hate. I hate when people compare almost anyone to a nazi. It's usually just a buzz word.

@TheGreatShadow True. & good points. There is that difference of religious affiliation although Catholics were to be persecuted except that so many Germans were Catholic. Those old school nazi's had to start somewhere so they waited for the war to be won 1st before addressing the "Catholic problem & the final solution for them". It was merely lower on their list of those to be exterminated. Goebbels wife was virulent anti Catholic & the 1st person in Dachau to die purposefully was a Catholic priest & I think has attained sainthood whatever a saint is. =0}

@Countrywoman On a side note Pope Pious XII was a nazi. No joke.

@TheGreatShadow Rat line!


You just have to disagree with someone on the internet to be called a nazi now.

That's what happened the last time. Let's never have a dissussion about anything ever! This person never met me. I never talked to them before. I posted a comment on a friends timeline. All it took!


I remember years ago I used to pump my own gas and then go into the shop to pay. The day I arrived bald, the attendant rushed out to do it and then realised it was me.
Two days ago, I got another bald haircut to cope with the heat. I couldn't get a taxi driver to stop to take me home.

Sometimes just by being bald, you get some perks! lol When I lived in South Omaha (technically Downtown, but a crappy area) I would walk to and from the bar on weekends. Lots of riff raff on the streets. No one ever messed with me! Sometimes tried to sell me drugs, but told them to go away.


Just by appearance, I have been accused of being dead. Three times by the police. (No substances legal or otherwise involved.) Once by a complete stranger.

Can you elaborate? This is odd. If they were talking to you, they know you aren't...

It would take a while to type the stories. Let me just say that in one case, rest areas aren't meant for resting in.

@Holysocks I think I get your drift. I was once walking in Downtown Omaha. Saw someone that was lying on a bench near a bus stop. I reported it (wasn't the only one). Turns out she was just sleeping. BTW I just got a message from you saying something about comments being deleted. What was that about? I've gotten a few, but when I reply, no one can tell me what it is about!

I have no idea. I don't delete comments. I like having conversations on record. (Cue the evil laugh)

@Holysocks Weird. Said the message was from you!? IDK. Guess if ther is a problem admin will get ahold of me.


People assume I'm a haggard old middle aged woman who doesn't get enough exercise lol


I once got arrested in England because I was wearing white shoes!

Please tell me more to this story. I'll make popcorn! I'm really interested in how/why!

@TheGreatShadow I was walking home from a friend's house at about 3:00 in the morning when a police car pulled up beside me. They asked me where I was going and where I had been. I told them and they arrested me for GBH. I was horrified and obviously protested my innocence. I was put in a cell with my laces taken away so I asked what was going on. They told me that someone had been stabbed in the area and the perpetrator was wearing white shoes! I happened to have a pack of Tarot cards on me at the time and asked the officer if he wanted a reading but he politely declined. After our short conversation it was clear that it wasn't me but they had to go through the process. They went to my friends house, by now around 04:00 a.m. and banged on her door. Fortunately, she looked out of the window and asked what the problem was. She corroborated my story and I was released. They even gave me a lift home. Glad she looked out the window or I could have been in a cell for the night!

@Geoffrey51 Thanks for sharing! I'm sure that probably scared the hell out of you, but you can probably look back now and laugh. Interesting story! When I first read your post, I was thinking "white shoes are illegal in the UK"? lol There are some weird laws tho. The town had an ordinance where you couldn't bring a goat into town on Sunday. WTF? Look up Jamie Baines. He spent decades on death row because someone said that the description looked like him. He got out due to DNA evidence, and that proved he was not the killer.

I myself have a funny story. I once had a warrant for my arrest! Never guess why. Well I'm going to tell you. I got a knock on my door early in the morning. I ignored it thinking it was someone else. Then they started bashing on my window saying it was the Sherrif and I had a warrant for my arrest! I got up immediately! I forgot to pay a $10 parking ticket! Yes ten fucking dollars! That did go to court, and when I went to pay, but they didn't take the card. I banked 20 miles from there, and didn't want to pay for an ATM fee. I had cash, and asked the officer if I could just give him the cash. He said no I had to go to the court house. Never put the cuffs on, but made me sit in the back. All I had to do was pay the fine (and court costs). Talk about a waste of government money! Someone could have been murdered, raped, assulted, or robbed at that time! Nope we're going after this guy! He's dangerous! I parked in a snow zone, and couldn't get out with my Prius. I wasn't the only one that got a ticket. And the jerk didn't give me a ride home! This is 100% true, and the rumor mills were a turning.

@TheGreatShadow bloody hell, that's appalling. Look at all the resources that went into recouping the $10. If I was in charge of the budget I'd be very pissed off about the waste. As you say there were proper crimes being committed while they were knocking your house down!

@Geoffrey51 Yeah let's look at this financially. I know what some officers make, but let's say $20/hr. By the tie he got the call, drove here, and booked me we'll say one hour (give or take). I know officers that make far more than that. So we'll just say it cost $20 (unless he was on patrol around the area). But the fact is he had to play limo driver to take me to the court house. Unless he had to be back there at that time. The last time I looked at the IRS rate for CPM was about 35.5. That'd be about $7 each way if he just came to pick me up. Then you pay the clerk and dispatcher. I doubt the state made their money back! I paid the $10, and $42 court fee. No wonder why the US has such a large deficet! What's wrong with sending a letter in the mail? If I got pulled over, that'd be a little different. A friend of mine got out of the military a few months ago. He said that there was about 200 tanks at his base that have not moved since he was there! Tax and spend liberal (especially from the "conservatives" ).


Large, muscular, bald, white guy. I get the "I'm frightened of you look" quite a bit. One reason I try and smile a lot. Also a lot of the assumed racist bullshit too which is frustrating as hell considering how much of an SJW I am. When I was younger I got a lot more of the "he must be gay" because I've never been that butch. Still not that masculine but my appearance leads a lot of people to believe I am.

I'd try that, but not really my demenor. I had a front tooth knocked out when I was young. Had it fixed twice! Last time it fell out, I said f it not gonna pay more to have it fixed again. So smiling would probably make things worse. lol


Pretty much same story as you, only I actually have gotten the accusation of nazism many times. I started my receding hairline at 12. The only reasonable action was to shave my head. Here in San Antonio, I am occasionally mistaken for a racist skinhead, and consequently avoided by some. In Arizona, on the other hand, there were way too many people who just assumed I would appreciate their racist comments and jokes.


First woman promoted into a specific engineering position. Hearing that the rumor was I'd screwed my way into that promotion. I hadn't. That hurt...not thinking that the men said it...but knowing that women had used that damned stereotype relating to me. See...I had long, wavy red hair and a nice figure. So, I couldn't POSSIBLY have had brains.

That's bad. A woman can do as good of a job as a man! Look at WW11. The Husbands were deployed, and the women ended up doing the factory work! On a positive note, maybe they were just jealous. It's kind of a shining in the night... people thought you were hot stuff. You need to get rid of those negative waves. I had a stalker once. I was like "meh, she digs me". Life is what you make it. Turn a negative wave into a positive one! Then laugh at them!

I'm so sorry you had to put up with that sort of misogyny, especially when it was from other women. Even if it was out of mere jealousy it tries to undo the forward leap you had taken. Women are still a huge minority in fields like engineering and science and what saddens me the most is that it is mainly due to culture. When there is a culture that teaches people that they can or can't do something simply because of the genitalia they were born with, it only holds us back from advancement. How many great minds have we as humanity dismissed simply because of something completely irrelevant to their aptitudes and capabilities? I am really glad to hear of your accomplishments though and I hope that what you have achieved will serve to motivate those being indoctrinated into that absurd culture.

Sad. I had the same reaction to being blonde. "She must be dumb". People don't realize how many missed opportunities something like that can cost.

@confidentrealm My HOPE is that women are sustaining one another now and that it's (at least) gone underground. I still remember the names of those women who added to the nasty rumors. I hope they remember, too. You can be sure I went out of my way to help women succeed (still do, actually.)

@LucyLoohoo I hope all those prejudices go out the window along with sexual harassment.


I use to have really long hair. Like, down to the small of my back long. Long, blond, slightly curly hair, and fair skin.

And a round butt.

So from behind... working in the service industry I'd been confused for a female many times. By men. Who liked my butt.

Heh. I like to think I made several "macho" men question their beliefs on sexuality, but honestly most of them probably just overcompensated.

As for me, I don't identify as hetero (I think I'm omnisexual technically?) so mostly it was either flattering or outright hilarious.

Eventually cut the hair due to the hassle, though I do donate it every few years.

SirJet Level 5 June 28, 2018

Dumb blonde, especially when I was young.

Well, you got off light!

@TheGreatShadow Not really. I missed out on many opportunities because of that prejudgment. Years ago potential employers asked many more personal questions than they are allowed to today.

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