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I’m starting to think religion persists because Americans desperately lack community and interpersonal relationships but deeply desire them. America has a bizzare individualism built Into it’s fabric which I don’t think is natural to the human condition. We are social animals and when we’re told all failures and misfortunes are personal failings and should be dealt with as such; I think it leaves the doorway open to a cacophony of psychological downsides and mental illnesses. We’re expected to be machines of individual glory or failure when we’re wired to be sociable and tribal. I think the end result is we’ll take whatever community we can find. Conspiracy theorists, criminals, extremists and largely religious.

JacobChalupnik 4 June 28

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I think thats certainly part of a reasonable analysis. The pattern of living far apart, driving long distances, the nuclear family, short-term working patterns probably all contribute to not keeping more tribal ties.

Denker Level 7 June 29, 2018

This is an extreme generality on every front in itself. It only has some truth to it.

You think ONLY America has individualism built into it's fabric? If that's true, which I don't think it is, capitalism and competition are probably big factors in it. Capitalism isn't just American. Fighting over differences isn't just American. And on and on.

I think it's very human to have individualism built into our being. It's also very human to work with others.

Where is the group of people who also make up a community of seeking fact and/or truth? What about the person who questions 1 or 2 official stories and doesn't think that most of the other theories have validity, and are automatically labeled "conspiracy theorists"? Are they yearning to be accepted by a certain community?

It’s a fact that humans are social animals and that social connections are strongly rooted to our mental health and stability. Also it’s a fact that Americans are (uniquely) individualistic when compared to people from other nations. Not exclusively individualistic but to a much higher degree than our counterparts around the world.

@JacobChalupnik I can say things are facts too. Besides, you just reiterated what I already said in your first sentence in your reply. I said humans are social, and I don't doubt that it strongly affects our mental health and stability. Humans are also inherently individualistic. It's not either or, but it's both. I also don't believe that Americans are MUCH more individualistic. You will need to provide some evidence, which would just be a generality. You also didn't address much of what I spoke about.


So let me ask you what is you knowledge about history? I need to know where you are at in your conscious perception of reality, I mean you are putting these ideas out there, but how much do you really know about History and the Evolution there of? You seem to think that these cultures were created as a byproduct of some existential dichotomy. I do not believe that you truly understand history. I do not think that you understand how mass manipulation of cognitive processes as affected the social consciousness. I do not think you know or understand the human condition. Any person well versed in Philosophy has this understanding that I speak. Any person well versed in Psychology also has this understanding that I speak of. Any person versed in Sociology has this understanding that I speak of.

To have an open mind is a rare quality for a human to possess. To have an open mind and to not have an understanding of correlative sequences or existential paradigms, is a somewhat waste of spoken breath.

Oh, and that is not persists.

Etre Level 7 June 28, 2018

Yes I do understand the facts and without wasting 1 to 2 hours of my time gathering citations for you. I’ll say that you can save your insults and read about genuine 21st century psychology.

Gosh, you would put people off coming up with topics for us to discuss!


People want the truth, and when the truth is not given, the doors of perception are open to interpretation. If the foundation is laid with untruths then your historical knowledge is without merit.

You make judgements with out looking at facts. You are coming from one perspective and not looking at root causality. The facts that you look at are systemic.

The reason you are on this site, is because the Greatest conspiracy that has ever existed still permeates through our global population. But you would think that conspiracy is a counter culure of ideologues that is a result of existential idealisms.

Conspiracy is the result, not the action. The actions created the conspiracy, so why do you not look at the facts of the actions before you lable the conspiracy theorist as an ideological counterculture.

This tells me you do not know history. And 21 century psychology is a tool for propagating social identities into social norms. Stick with Jung.


Could it really be that Americans believe in the myth of the pioneer, the self-made man or even... the American Dream? Your topic is really interesting. I think we could say Trump followers see the myth and the dream personified in their man.

I think we are, as a culture, too focused on being independent and not dedicated enough to working together. Psychological studies have shown that we are fiercely sociable animals but we as Americans are deadset on denying that biology.


To begin with, there is no "one size fits all" for humanity, but I tend to agree with what you have stated

Would you agree humans try to deny our biology when it comes to social interaction.

@JacobChalupnik I have no idea what that even means, but thank you for your response.

@JacobChalupnik Humans or Americans? Which is it?

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