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Happy Birthday!

Phoenix, Arizona
Here June 29

Hominy, Oklahoma
Here June 29

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Here June 29

Iowa City, Iowa
Here June 28

Redding, California
Here June 26

Westminster, Maryland
Here June 25

dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Here June 24

Elkhart, Indiana
Here June 24

birkenhead, Liverpool, UK
Here June 23

Where I Park My RV, California
Here June 21

Farmington, Michigan
Here June 21

South Beloit, Illinois
Here June 18

Queen Creek, Arizona
Here June 18

port hady, British Columbia, Canada
Here June 16

Tucson, Arizona
Here June 13

Rochester, Minnesota
Here June 10

Charleston, West Virginia
Here June 2

bruge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Here June 5

Kingston, Surrey, UK
Here June 4

Pentwater, Michigan
Here June 2

Covina, California
Here May 31

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK
Here May 31

Rochester, Minnesota
Here May 25

Modesto, California
Here May 24

Orlando, Florida
Here May 24

Lumberton, Texas
Here May 23

Phoenix, Arizona
Here May 13

Mishawaka, Indiana
Here May 14

Lower hutt, Wellington, New Zealand
Here May 11

Sutherlin, Oregon
Here May 8

Franklin, New York
Here May 7

Austin, Texas
Here May 7

Austin, Texas
Here May 6

Lexington, Kentucky
Here May 2

Pompano Beach, Florida
Here May 1

Paul628 8 June 29

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