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*Am I the only one that is bothered by the question "Do you see the glass as half empty or half full"?

All I have ever seen is half a glass.*

freeofgod 8 June 29

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I think this saying was supposed to convey a persons negative or positive attitude...I just wanted to ask "is the glass being filled, or emptied., I'm very goal oriented


Me too. I wrote a short piece on this a few years ago and the journal published it. I saw a funny comment on this a few days ago that went something like : If your glass is half full put it into a smaller glass and stop bitchin. But yes it is only half a glass. If your server asks you if you would like more coffee, many say...ok..half a cup. Never half a full or empty cup!


I am reminded of a Gary Larson comic where 4 people are asked what they see, and the fourth says 'Hey, I ordered a cheeseburger!'


I just took a toke and had an enlightmentent. Lol ( Which explains the spelling)

Doesn't it depend on what's in the glass and and how thirsty you are?


People should be glad I have them a glass at all. I might have just dumped the water over their heads. ?


No there is actually a difference. The 1/2 full glass was only filled to ha/f way, whereas the ha/f empty glass was full but now has a fly in it.

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