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Back to running... finally. I have not gotten to a full 2 miles yet but in bits as I walk the 2 miles, I'm jogging a bit. As you get older it takes so long to recover from illness or surgery. I quit smoking again and while yesterday I wanted to kill, today is okay. The bright side is that I know an urge passes in about 3 minutes. When that pops into my head during a craving, I can gut it out. I rejoined my gym and the long walk/jog elevates my mood and leaves me feeling energized. Yesterday was so rough that I went for a second go at the 2 miles. I plan on upping the distance in time. This is epic... just a few weeks ago I struggled to get to the damn mailbox a block away LOL I will post new pics soon of myself... letting my grey grow in and just embracing my almost 50 year old self.
I keep hearing that Adam Ant song in my head... "Goody Two Shoes" LOL "Don't drink don't smoke, what do you do?"
I knit dammit ... and a LOT right now

Knitfreak 7 July 3

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I gave up running long, long ago. IF you see me running you better hope you can outrun me, because something really ugly is back there.


'Subtle innuendos follow...'


Ahhh.... no running for me. Im


I bet you can knit really fast now. courage

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