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Hey music lovers,

I'm a composer from Durham, UK and I write soundtrack, trailer and epic music.

I did a re-score of the Doctor Strange trailer and wondered what you peeps think of it? Thanks ever so much for listening if you do. πŸ™‚

Aedolyn 4 July 3

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What equipment did you use?


Outstanding! I would say your opening has a darker "horror movie" quality then then the published version trailer. You did an outstanding job building a rich Soundscape​.


I haven't seen the original trailer but I liked your score.


intensely good. Better than the movie.


I don't do marvel, dc, comix or science fiction. Done with the electrical fantasy. Never saw the movie or original score... never seen the trailer before, but... You got talent for sure. And wish you the very best. Wouldn't had noticed that was not original or edited. The sky is the limit for you and may you one day find that special project that will make you famous and accomplished if not already. Congratulations!!!! For your Now and your Future. Never give up!!!!


I'm impressed.

The film looks crap though. More Hollywood junk food.


Have you put poems to music? I have many different types of poems.

@Aedolyn you should, your score can make a poem... an epic poem. I do it myself, but since I had been about dancing all my life I end up just picking those about dancing and making it danceable. Ignoring the others more serious. But you can make something come alive with your skill level.

@Aedolyn I had written this some time ago many of my works have been lost or destroyed for various reasons. I latter got into the practice of emailing my poems to my youngest brother to preserve them. This one my brother had given me a reply that this one could be a song. So I am lending it to you. This might have errors in it just copied and pasted out of my email.
All usually ryth ambiguity:
Sifting through the air like a magic spell, the veil of love pours like vapor in to chasm of elation.

Hope like a pirate flows over hill and dale lifting your mind up into a loft to be engulfed a tuft of euphoria.

The breath of air like a gale glides my wings lifting me into the air.

Illumination all a glow the aura turns from blue to gold.

Free will I ever be when the time comes to pass.

It's your turn to feel the joy I have to share here on this ethereal plane.

Drink it in and time will glide you to the a place, you might describe it in a more than earthly way.

It just might be a place where angels could find rainbows of grace.

The key is in the words I say this day.

Father's of time gone past have helped me realize destiny' s path.

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