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So I was there the other day and TV was on and I went into a bit of a daze, thinking it was a seizure coming I got a bit concerned but then I had a sudden sense of clarity.

There was an advert on TV for Bisto gravy granules, then a sofa and holiday one with Christmas song. Still feeling a bit odd I had a feeling of deja vu (which again is a symptom of having a seizure) but i was really aware. More stuff on TV about charities needing money,homeless being an issue in UK and weather stories,Xmas and New Year.

That's when it hit me, Xmas is nothing but a way to make you spend, we know that! But also a way to make you feel all the hard work in the year was worth it, and then New Year is a con to make you feel you can do better feel positive and work harder the next year (Just to make you forget the previous years rubbish)

Yet It was the TV stuff, I got transported back to when I was a kid in the late 70's and early 80's and it was so clear. And I realised nothing has changed, the adverts the charities the regurgitated crap shoved in our faces month after month year after year. We may have technologically advanced in a major way but I think taken a step back in human connections community and awareness. Our capacity to care has dropped and a majority is only out for themselves and cares not for the world around them.

Middle east is still the same, religion has got no where near making connections between each other, in fact the divide is widening. Wars still happen and countries still sabre rattling.

All these years and what really has changed?

Rant over lol

StephenRussell 6 Jan 2

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Middle East: I'm 59 years young. Been watching that painful re-run since I could comprehend the news on tv. My solution: If after 3 years any government can't forge a solution to this sort of problem, then get out of the way and let another government try.

The USA has become way more than simply a "part" of the problem

twill Level 7 Jan 2, 2018
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