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An ex-in law died this past weekend. Complications of diabetes. VERY Christian. The extended family (my wife's) will be attending some kind of church based memorial service. I've been given a "pass" by my wife as she knows my thoughts about these things. She's going as it's a day trip and chance to see her brothers and sisters. This led to a conversation about this kind of ritual over dinner.
Instead of a somber church funeral, why not a "destination rememberance"? I voted for cremation of my remains, and everyone meet at the Akumal beach resort for a long weekend.... at some point, simply throw my ashes on the reef and return to the bar for blender drinks. Sounds much more civilized to me.

bigpawbullets 9 July 4

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I'm interested that even though we have a dislike for church ritual we still want some kind of ritual. Some cultures had it both ways, celebrating a funeral mass and then a wake. I think the ritual serves to say that the death of a life matters. The trouble with church rituals is that they also serve to say the church matters and that can be annoying. I like the idea of drinks all round at someone's death because I think it affirms that life must go on even though our part is over.

In my opinion, accurate & well stated.


Works for me.

Then you're invited.


I do think the church funerals are awkward - especially for nonbelievers. A destination rememberance is a nice idea.


My body will be donated to medical science and my family will be having dinner/lunch in my memory.

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