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This is the real me my friends

Charlene 9 July 4

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Well sis, I think YOU AND I BOTH started out on the Weird Foot soooo we ALREADY knew we spotted a kindred in one another and that automatically allowed us to understand there was no need for masks or false pretenses. I "think" I might have been one of your first buddies here even. But, we get along Swimmmmingly so... Carry on whitch'a weeeeird self! 😀😀

Sadoi Level 7 July 6, 2018

Coming from a fellow weirdo..I shall do just that..your high weirdness??

@Charlene looove the new photo, dahhhliiing, btw 😉

this is true... the WEIRDNESS is strong with this one Master! haha

@Sadoi yesyes my padaiwan??

@Charlene Ive missed you sis

@Sadoi I've missed you as well..all good hun?




I figured the best way to approach this site was to be as honest and discreet as I could be. I hoped that would get me the same back.


All my kids still think I'm weird.


Can just start out with the outrages and work upward.


that is probably most of us...


It is usually best to test the waters before you dive in. Then again sometimes you just want to see the looks on their faces. ?

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