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More People Are Fighting for Human Rights Than Vs. Them

sassygirl3869 9 July 5

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Trump for only a short period we can make it.


The rights that get taken away are those you didn't know you had.


I think it's hard to behave justly when employees struggle just to pay basic costs of living. You might like to just but the system owns you.

I think another problem with the struggle for justice is that when society makes good laws to combat injustices like prejudice, the prejudice goes underground and increases.


This makes little sense to me.
WHO is opposing justice? Everybody is in favor of justice, even jihadists are fighting against the evil West because they are sure that this is a JUST cause.
People whose bible is "Atlas shrugged" think that laissez-faire capitalism will give us justice


I wish I had such breezy confidence in this assertion, and didn't need to ask for some sort of substantiation for it.

I am however willing to acknowledge that a LOT of people still care about these things, and a lot of those have probably been awakened / activated in ways they haven't been before. I certainly hope so anyway, because if not we're well and truly screwed.


I love this, makes me feel more hopeful.


Being passive, or carrying a defeatest attitude is what the oppressor want from us. This is giving them a license to do what they want whenever they want to because there will be no resistance to them. This in turn allows them to further subjugate us yet further. Sheep crying baaa, baaa, baa as we are willingly lead to slaughter.


Don‘t let the bastards win, get out there and beat them!

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