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Have you ever watched a movie in an IMAX theatre? Personally I think it's better to watch in 2D than 3D if you have a choice. I've been going since the early 1990s. They are spectacular! A bargain if you consider the millions it cost to make one. Beware of the liemaxes though. They don't have the 4 or 5 story screen or the 10,000+ watt sound system of a genuine IMAX. I strongly recommend everyone go to at least 1. Put it on your bucket list. : )

JohnINFP 7 July 5

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I like 2d better


I agree with you. IMAX is da bomb, 3-D is overrated. It's tech from the 50s, for crying out loud. We have an authentic IMAX theater in downtown Sacramento.

So right. You're so fortunate to have a genuine one. Part of the reason I moved to Orlando years ago was for the IMAXs. I'm back in Lexington, Ky where we have a brand new Liemax. Small screen and they have turned the sound way down. Sucks 😟


Real IMAX theaters (mostly at large museums) are absolutely worth it, but like you said, the LieMax theaters are a total rip-off. It's taking since time for people to realize it, but in the long run that will turn out to be a huge branding blunder.

When I lived in Michigan, I saw a lot of movies at the Henry Ford Museum IMAX (which I understand is no longer an IMAX screen). Even up-converted movies were great, but natively-filmed movies like The Dark Knight were absolutely stunning. With the membership discount, movies were actually cheaper than going to a theater chain.

Yes, real ones worth it, huge branding blunder. Louisville Science Center dropped IMAX format too. So sad. That where I first went. Loved it. So many awesome documentaries about everything. Dark Knight kicked ass!


I can't see IMAX movies no I mean I literally cannot see IMAX movies I'm blind in one eye doesn't work for me


There are people who haven't seen movies in IMAX? I had no idea....
I literally live 3 miles from an IMAX theater and go to the movies every Tuesday....some in IMAX, some in 3D, and some regular....depends on the flick

Awesome!! I love telling people about them!

What was your favorite one? For me, I can't pick just one. Dark Knight, Avatar, 300, all the Transformers, all the Fast and the Furious, Lucy, all the Hobbits, Mad Max: Fury Road, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Tomb Raider, Ready Player One, Avengers: Infinity War (1st movie to be completely with IMAX cameras, I drove to Indianapolis to see that one).
Sadly, you only get a few days to catch one, then they're never rerun, gone forever. 😟
[] look at all the one's coming!! 2018,19, 20 Avatar 2!!! I must find the BEST IMAX in the country for that one!!!

@JohnINFP Probably Pacific Rim: Uprising has been the best so far


I've tried it. I've got astigmatism so it kind of messes with me. I don't think its something I want to keep doing. 3D movies seem overrated to me as well, and not worth the extra price. I suspect its a "guy thing" and am interested to see how many women really love IMAX/3D and prefer them to regular movies.

I have an astigmatism too. 😟
I don't like the 3D. I much prefer the 2D. Some of the best ones were the original ones about nature, animals and space. Some are at science centers. There was a time when they hadn't made regular blockbuster movies in IMAX format.


I enjoyed watching Everest and Antarctica in the Omnidome at Ceasar's Palace back in the day. I don't think they make Imax like that anymore.

Wow! What an experience! There's a great list on a website. I was amazed at how many IMAXs are in California and Florida. I loved going to the one at Pointe Orlando. I think there still might be 1 or 2 domes. List shows number of seats and if they are domes. Seat # gives you an idea how large the theatre is.

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