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Ladies and gentlemen... a little help (no, a lot).
Men have been bunched together as a group of insensitive sexist louts and worse, many of us deserve that label... Sexism seems to have evolved from male dominated societies... it's difficult for men to recognize sexism in all it's forms, women recognize it, as it's constant...
Unfortunately, ignorance is still prevalent in all sexes...
Don't mean to offend, but, not knowing and/or understanding (my ignorance) makes us all guilty.
We don't want to continue down this road... I know I don't.
... damn, I love women... men don't come close.
I'm trying to figure out if I meant that as a question or a discussion... you guys are smart, you'll figure it out.

Tomas 7 July 6

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Everything will be sorted out by the MeToo and MGTOW movements.


Well, I for one will apologize to no one for being a man, liking women, enjoying sex or refusing to turn in to some sort of meterosexual. If that makes me an insensitive, sexist lout, then I'll happily wear that label on my sleeve all day, every day until I depart this mortal coil.


First off, best not to paint whole groups with the same brush ...regardless of gender.

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