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Total right knee replacement. Feeling surprisingly fantastic. Now I have to not overdue the rehab so I can get back in the gym!

By kmdskit38
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I am a claims examiner for short term disability and I probably talk to at least 10 people a week that are post knee replacement. I think I had two out of 5 new claims yesterday for TKR. Yes, don't overdo, but do the PT, and the ice and the elevation. Wean off the opioids as soon as you can. And as you can tell from the comments you are now a member of a very large and not exclusive club.


I had both of mine replaced last year at 54. Best thing ever. It does take a year or two for the entire "remodel" to be complet but mostly back to normal in 3 months. Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Nice to hear about someone else's experience.

@kmdskit3 Scars are still kinda knarly, but they are fading slowly.



And the fun you will have next time at the airport, trying to get through the scanners. Every time I fly, I am asked to go over and sit on the "Group W" bench (for all the Alice's Restaurant fans out there).

Azatheist Level 5 July 6, 2018

Me too!


Get well soon!

Alvingo1 Level 7 July 6, 2018



Welcome to the FELLOWSHIP OF THE SCAR! They're SO MUCH BETTER these days...listen to your doctor and your physical therapist and OBEY!

Yes ma'am!?


Did my right knee 6 years ago and it is doing double duty as my left is very bad but they will not operate because of my kidneys. Do the rehab it will not hurt you.

Marine Level 8 July 6, 2018

I'd like to see udate posts from you about your knee. Im looking at replacement within ten years or so. Im trying to be careful to avoid as much as possible. I injured my knee 2 yrs ago by over jogging.

Will do! Most of my posts about this will be in the 'Workout Warriors' group. Take care.

If you need your knee replaced do it as soon as possible rather than wait. It will be stronger if less damge has been done.

@Marine excellent info. Thanks!

@Akfishlady thats what a co-worker is going through. Insurance wants knee to detoriate to max then will do surgery. His knee is bad already being a hockey and soccer player, but the insurance says no. Smh.

@Akfishlady See another doctor and demand replacement. I suffered with a knee without cartlidge and wish I had gotten the replacement sooner. My replacement knee is just like having my own knee but it is better.


I hope you recover quickly and I'm glad you're doing well.

Thank you.


Removal of pain is so lovely! But what makes you think waffling on rehab will help you get back to the gym? Au contraire!

Worried that my exercising obsessiveness will cause me to overdo my rehab.

@kmdskit3 you cannot hurt it, it will survive after you get run over by an 18-wheeler, twice.
I however had the glue fail...nothing to do with rehab, just "one of those things".


I don't think you will overdue that rehab. I think after the intial pain of surgery you will be pleased. Take care

btroje Level 9 July 6, 2018

Congratulations! As a fellow new joint owner, let me welcome you to a whole new life smile001.gif

Minta79 Level 7 July 6, 2018

What did you get replaced?

@kmdskit3 ankle in November. One of the best decisions I ever made.

@Minta79 Ankle replacement? Haven't looked into that one much. What do they actually replace when they do an ankle?

@kmdskit3 I actually had a triple arthrodesis and ankle replacement, so I'm not sure if just the replacement is different. But, they removed all of the joints in the top of my foot. Stabilized the bones with screws. Removed the talar dome and replaced it with a metal dome (titanium, maybe? I don't remember what type of metal), and trimmed the damaged area from the tibia and screwed a plate to the bottom of it. Recovery was 100% non weight bearing for 12 weeks, then a boot for 4 weeks. But, now I can walk better than I had been able to for years and years. I hope your knee goes smoothly!

@Minta79 Damn what caused THAT kind of damage!

@kmdskit3 Rheumatoid arthritis

@Minta79 that had to be scary for them to mess with your distal tibia

@btroje The whole thing was scary. Especially the no walking for 12 weeks, mid divorce with a 7 year old. But, now I'm healthier and more mobile than I've been in my entire adult life.

@Minta79 when a joint replacement is a success it is usually a great success!

@Minta79 Is that the only joint affected?

@kmdskit3 Oh heck no. Lots of affected joints, that was just the worst one. The next bionic body part will probably be in the neck.

@Minta79 Oh wow. I just have the osteo but rheumatoid, damn that's bad. Are there any new therapies to fight this shitty disease?


You are right - don't overdo!!! (I know I would want to, as well!) Heal quickly!

poetdi56 Level 7 July 6, 2018
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