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Let’s Talk About Jesus

Gatovicolo 8 July 6

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God be with the days when you could get your own planet.


With my luck there'd be a bible convention boarding....


Do we have to? Ugh.

Livia Level 6 July 6, 2018



the first Hippy makes religious people walk away


What would Jesus of Nazareth think about Christianity? Imagine how you'd feel if you had the Bill and Ted experience of discovering that in the future you are worshipped as a god!

(I know the evidence for the existence of Jesus is slim, but I think that what there is--Paul of Tarsus writes about speaking with Jesus's brother, James. Flavius Josephus mentions early Christians. Some of the people and events described in the Gospels are known to have existed or occurred--is enough for me to guess that he probably did exist. Etc.)

everything written about him was almost 100 years after his death

" Red Dwarf , " the cat decendant , worshiped , what related back to the lowest man on the mining ship .

@benhmiller In 61 a.d., Paul of Tarsus wrote about Jesus. That would have been approximately 30 years after Jesus died. In 93 a.d., Flavius Josephus wrote about Christians--approximately 60 years after Jesus died.

@benhmiller, @LimitedLight The claim that Jesus of Nazareth existed is not an extraordinary claim, it's an ordinary claim. The evidence for his existence is not terribly strong, but for me it's good enough. Jesus of Nazareth probably did live in Nazareth and probably was executed by Pontius Pilate. I don't think Jesus was a god, and he certainly wasn't a messiah. A messiah would have thrown the Romans out of Israel and re-established the kingdom of David. Of course, if he'd done that there wouldn't be any question at all about his existence. I realize there isn't a lot of evidence for an historical David, but you know what I'm getting at--Jesus was no messiah.


Fuck he's right, I'd wear that shirt.

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