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Would you get married if you met the right person and what would the marriage actually mean to you?

By Nardi7
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I thought that I had met the right person, married him, but a number of factors ended the marriage after 39 years, ouch. I am financially and emotionally secure right now, and do not need another person, but I do miss parts of being in a relationship! I have no desire to marry again, but if someone came along who had all that I seek in a man, I would commit to him! I am more interested in a relationship than a marriage...

Rustee Level 7 July 8, 2018

The right person for me wouldn't want to get married.


Spot on

Two BIG thumbs up!


Stated I would marry my wife the first time I saw her and it is now 58 years later and I still feel exactly the same.

Marine Level 8 July 8, 2018

@Akfishlady Thanks


I have met the right person and I will not get married. Marriage means nothing to me.


No, ...
And the right person doesn’t want to get married either.


The right one wouldn’t want marriage.


Been married twice...unless having children, see no reason whatsoever to "get legal".

@Akfishlady I had four to my first husband.
I'm having one to my current partner. Marriage plays no part in it.


Yeah I'm not into legal marriage I'm too old to give all my stuff away and start over


Never say never...


Marriage is not necessary. A piece of paper is not proof of loyalty, love or reasons to trust someone. If they really want it and the relationship has its solid grounds - maybe, but not without a prenup. Contributing to a life together with our own efforts and finances is great (e.g split the rent, split costs and be there for each other when needed), but I don’t feel ok being legally/economically bind to someone- not after working so hard on my own for years. If I want to buy a home, that mortgage is going to be under my name. If I want to do some other major thing in my life, I’d like to stay solely responsible for it. smile001.gif


Yes. Yanno, as long as it's still legal. I'd want her to be able to participate in legal and medical decisions regarding me and vice versa.

Good point.


I would like to actually get married someday, but it's not finite.

@Akfishlady nor is life but I still live


Why do you ask? This is a strange question. Okay, I'll bite.

Yes, I would marry a man if I meet the right person and the feeling is mutual.

Marriage is a deep commitment to love and grow together, problem solve, hang in there through ups and downs, and have fun together.

Yes! On point exactly! I don’t care for legal implications but it’s the idea you express that makes it appealing. If I found that - yes


As of now the only reason I could see myself getting married again would be for health insurance purposes.

But I’m pretty recently divorced after 21 years of marriage so who knows, perhaps I’ll change my mind with time.


Why marry the Cow when milk is cheaper at the convenience store ?

VAL3941 Level 8 July 8, 2018

Good reason!!

I think so too. Even the Beef I get from her is cheaper !


Would love to meet the right person, though not sure marriage is necessary at this point in my life, I'd be open to it with the right person. Marriage is a commitment to be there no matter what, but as I tell my clients, a piece of paper falls apart in hot water, so it all really boils down to each partner's personal honor and integrity in wanting to keep the promises made to each other.

Julie808 Level 7 July 8, 2018

Nope, no god and it's none of the government's business, so no point to marriage.

Netochka Level 5 July 8, 2018

Getting married - no, all I think that's needed is trust and commitment. What marriage means to me is a ceremony seeking a nod from the society's culture which is imminently rooted in its religion.

DSGavde Level 6 July 8, 2018

Sure! It would actually mean l am married.

Sticks48 Level 9 July 8, 2018

That’s a good question.. I’m thinking no, been there - done that. And, in the US, you’ve about as many ‘right’s’ as partners as being married.

What would it mean..? If for an unimaginable set of reasons we felt compelled to marry, I suppose it would mean I’d found the person I once thought I had…

Varn Level 8 July 8, 2018

I would... if I met the right person. There are a lot of legal benefits and protections under marriage.

All of my relationships were before gay marriage was legal. I do wonder if I might have stuck things out longer and put more effort into trying to stay together if breaking up was more complicated than just packing up and leaving. To legally entangle yourself with someone else requires a lot more commitment.

snytiger6 Level 9 July 8, 2018

Yeah, sure. Eventually. Not the religious part, but the legal part. And the social part. I like the idea of making a commitment to someone that says we’re a team, who supports my growth as I support his ... that can laugh with me at the end of the day, and plot and strategize future adventures together. Y’know, all that couple stuff. And I can do that without a registering with the government.

However, we have so many legal systems here – such as availability of health insurance, and division of property under a will - that are based on that partnership that I’d prefer it. I’ve seen too many cases where life partners were restricted from making medical decisions because other relationships (children, parents, sibs) took legal priority. If assets are a concern, just have a good prenup. If someone doesn’t want to discuss details of a potential breakup, then I wouldn’t want to marry them.

Lauren Level 7 July 8, 2018

I would not marry legally, I would marry from the heart till death do we part.?

Sheannutt Level 9 July 8, 2018

not at this point in my life


I have never been the marriage type. I have no problem being exclusive or living together I just don't think God or the government should get into my love life. (There are some reasons I would get married though. For example if I met someone out of the country and they wanted to be a citizen here or vice versa.)

McWalsoft Level 6 July 8, 2018
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