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I was really struggling today. My entire torso feels like someone crushed it like an empty can of soda. It hurts. Anyway, somehow I managed to survive. Mom begged me to stop through the massively busy drive thru after work.

Some really nice stranger paid for it. 🙂 yay

LadyAlyxandrea 8 July 8

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"YAY"....RIGHT! Must've made you feel happy!

It did!

@LadyAlyxandrea Were you able to thank them? I always think that receiving a gift is another way of giving one.

@LucyLoohoo I waved and signed thank you in sign language but he was gone very fast. Disappeared into the darkness like a superhero


I'm glad someone did a nice thing for you. I hate that you're going through such tough struggles though. You're awesome.

Thank you. It's the little kindness that can turn someone's entire day around


This is how I get as well. I get the idea I have to get some project complete push and tell myself I can handle it won`t hurt, I tell myself that lie all the time. Then I pay with pain for days.

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