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The Dark Ages.

Coldo 8 July 8

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I wonder what those times would have been like without the influence of the Roman Church? Not idyllic, that's for sure. Possibly absolutely dreadful.


The Christian Right does not know where their actions are taking them... and they seem to have no desire to understand either.


We are again experiencing an extremist time in this country as WE NOW HAVE TRUMP FOLLOWERS...AND ALL THAT THAT IMPLIES!


There was a time when all people believed in money and laws and nations and states, and when the government ruled.
It is called the present.


Still clawing our way out of that dark time but just like crabs in a bucket the ones in the bottom where it is darkest keep trying to drag back the crabs that have made it to the rim and offered a hand up into the enlightenment of Atheism.


And religion still has it's grips on billions preventing knowledge to be understood by common man.


Love it love it love it


I bet Shaw would be aghast that we haven’t progressed since his day, but are actually regressing back to these dark ages!

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