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The Story Of Africa.

Coldo 8 July 8

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I'm sure they saw it as compensation for the white man's burden.


Complex issue but overall I agree


Because they were too bloody lazy to do it for themselves. and still are !

Not like you!

I wouldn't know, my ancestors helped rob them ?

@VAL3941 Obviously!

At least we did not wipe the indigenous peoples out like the Australians and the Americans did to theirs!

@VAL3941 You just kept them to work for you for next to nothing wages! Tortured and killed people like Steve Biko that didn't like it.The record of "The White South Africans" is deplorable!

Can't argue with you there ! I won't even try to defend what happened as I was not there. Independant 20 odd years and nothing has changed except corruption and looting is worse !


Sad but true

See my comment above !

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