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The Social Shaming of Racists is Working

kmdskit3 8 July 8

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I really hope so...


I hope we keep shaming the fuck out of them.


Up until about 5 years ago, racists were automatically shamed. Now, who could be responsible for this damnable resurgence we have to put down......who?


@Cast1es. noooooooooo, really? I am shocked, shocked I say! Opening a Pandora's box of worms, may he rot from the ground up.....

@AnneWimsey Wish you were closer . I think we'd have fun .

@Cast1es I would induct you into the over-55 Singles Club I an 4-term President of! Plus maybe get you to sing karaoke!


The best path may have been stumbled upon. Hit em where it hurts! Good news indeed!

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