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AA is agnostic. Story goes. A very angry drunk comes into a meeting wanting to get help but when the members start talking about God (as anyone sees) . To help save them. He shouts I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THIS DAMN GOD SHIT. THE CHAIRMAN WHO'S SPEAKING. SAYS HEY YOU! YAH ? SHUT THE HELL UP AND SIT DOWN. YOU KNOW THE GOD YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN? WELL WE DON'T EITHER SHUT UP AND LISTEN AND YOU JUST MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING. Alcohol killed my dad and 47. He suffered from shell shock what they call PTSD today WW2. ALL I KNOW IS AA SAVED MY LIFE.or I wouldn't be typing this today . I knew if I didn't come to terms I couldnt do this alone. So I started praying. To what? who? I don't know. I kept on going to meetings. AA has been around for over 80 yrs and has saved thousands and thousands of lives. It's the only thing..there is no cure for ADDICTION. I've been sober and clean for 34yrs now. Do I still pray? Yes. I don't know if there's a God or not. NO ONE HERE ON EARTH DOES BUT IT JUST FEELS GOOD SOMETIMES. THAT IS ALL.

By HardBlues69
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By the way recovering doesn't mean cured. As there is no cure for the disease. Recovering implies who are recovering a day at a time. Keep it simple.

HardBlues69 Level 7 Oct 19, 2018

Hey, some people need religion, god, AA, higher power. No one says they can't have it if that's what they want. Those of us who do not need, want, or believe only ask the same respect.

RoseyRose Level 5 July 11, 2018

No no no. Another misinterpretation. This is not about you nor Any one on here. This is about a horrific desease. And if you nor anyone has it ( thank god you dont) then Alcoholic Anonymous can keep one sober. A DAY AT A TIME. That's all we have anyways so I hope you now understand at least a little bit. Of this killing destructive desease. It Kills. ( Like my father 47yr old) and almost me. And totally destroys families. Wives, husbands, and most of all little children. I'm just trying to explain this nightmare. Although I know deeply 99 percent will never understand it unless one has it. Thank God that you dont. Blessings


I mean no disrespect but you seem to have some serious bottled-up rage I think that what some people on here were trying to say is that you might want to seek additional counseling in addition to your AA

Drsmash253 Level 7 July 11, 2018

Lol.. ohhh no. No disrespect taken but obviously you misinterpreted what the story was about. If one searches one can find PEACE AND SERENITY. That's just one of the life gifts you receive in AA. My story was about an example on how alcoholics can come in. Angry confused and much much more. AS SAVED MY life and has brought me this and so so many other gifts for 34 years now.


Congratulations! It took a lot of nerve to write that and it looks to me like you’re writing from experience. If that is indeed true, I won’t argue about it. I think some people do better themselves by getting involved in religion.

ezwryder Level 7 July 11, 2018

The statistics on people who recover from alcoholism without AA 5% the percentage of people who recover from alcoholism by attending AA 5%

Drsmash253 Level 7 July 10, 2018

I'm sorry. But being in the program I can tell you no matter where you got this info its totally wrong and absurd!!!. If that we're the true case there would be no A A's all over thee entire world now.. thousands of meetings are packed.24/7.

Curious to know what is considered as "recovered"? Is it after a certain amount of abstinence? I have 15 yrs w/o a drink, or AA but I sure don't think of myself as having recovered from the alcoholism. That would imply that I no longer had the disease and we all know better than that, right?

@HardBlues But are they all truly "recovered"? Many tables hold first timers, relapsed folk, court ordered folk, drunk folk and such. I'm not sure that they should be considered as recovered.

While ive had family and an ex who went through AA or NA programs i did actually read a (summary) of an article saying how people who went to AA were more likely to have been staying sober over several months compared to thise who didnt go but the difference was only like a 4 or 5% difference leaning towards AA.

If the group helps people than great but i myself will never be a fan of them and they way they preach but thats just mainly because i don't like it when im preached at so its just a me thing at that point.

Sorry, random rant over lol


You need more help than an AA meeting, buddy........

AnneWimsey Level 8 July 10, 2018

@HardBlues Because I suggest your poorly capitalized rant is an obvious cry for help, and suggest you get it, you feel free to attack...yup, you got nooooooo problems!


Is that even in English? ^^^^^

LenHazell53 Level 8 July 9, 2018

UMMM sorry if that offends you. I finished 6 th grade. Why? Because I was a child living in hell. Like the saying goes. WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES! Idiots come in many shapes and sizes regardless of education .


Been to 12 steps-higher power is anything that works.

sassygirl3869 Level 9 July 9, 2018

Exactly. Good to know Bill and Bob

@HardBlues I prefer the NA way

Exactly, you can believe that the tree outside the building is god if it helps. O yeah, the tree is more real anyway.

@starwatcher-al if one doesn't have the powerful and BAFFLING cunning desease THAT KILLS THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND DESTROYS FAMILIES. dont. talk SHIT! Like the saying goes. WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES!


@HardBlues many of us have, and yet we are not ranting ugliness on here......reporting your crazy!

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