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Electoral College Math

By kmdskit38
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So we should let the "popular" vote, in which the populations of a few select areas determine the "winner"?

The system needs to be cleaned up in many ways such as the Electoral College in each state being able to split votes as opposed to the "winner take all" method used in many. Get rid of lobbyists. Prevent Senators and Congressmen from being able to work for or vote on contributors legislation.(campaign reform) etc..

It's not as simple as this picture wants you to think that it is.

Of course there are lots of other aspects of voting in our country that desperately need improvement but this was only about one part that's screwed up: the electoral college.


The EC is not a screwed up concept. Only this limited example of it. You didn't even bother to address the issue of a few states having the ability to override the concerns of vast amounts of the country based on concentrated population alone.

@Bierbasstard To compensate for the potential problem you and others have postulated we have created the problem pointed out in my original post.


Your original post is a meme that shows an small detail in how the system works.

Try comparing each and every state and see how that plays out.

You still have not addressed any of my postulations. Why should a wreck of a state like California (check out their ridiculous regulations and incompetence with tax payer dollars) have that much influence over the country's election? You don't want to discuss anything. You prefer to create a simple picture and hold it up as the ultimate fact.

Again, it's not that simple.

@Bierbasstard California is actually doing quite well.
I have no problem with rule by the majority; after all that is a democracy. The electoral college takes us one very large step away from that. Just because you don't like the way Californians run their state doesn't justify having their vote count less than someone from Wyoming. That is all the original meme is saying and in that sense that is a very simple thing to point out.


We do not live in a democracy. We live in a representative government. Majority does not rule nor does it have the power to impress it's will on the under-represented people that live in other parts of the country.

Obviously you are impinged by the fact that the founding fathers wanted all people's cares and concerns taken into account.

I have offered other solutions yet all you do is say, "look at my meme. It means something."
Your meme is simplistic at best and, at worst, completely unrepresentative of how and why the system was set up in the first place. It's simply not a numbers/percentage game.

This will be my last response.

@Bierbasstard Wow: "...impinged by the fact that the founding fathers wanted all people's cares and concerns taken into account." WTF?!?
Fine with me if you don't want to continue this.

Your op ed link just supported my conclusion that it needs to be fixed and returned to the purpose for which it was intended. Furthermore, it supports the cahnges that I mentioned above.

Nice job.

Your meme still sucks.

@Bierbasstard Thing is: 1) I'm still not sure what your point is. 2) "Your meme still sucks." Clever... 3) You said you were finished. Since your side of the discussion has devolved into: my meme sucks, I AM done with you.


Reading comprehension can be a learning experience.


And even if all California and all Wyoming voters vote the same way , that does not mean that the electoral college will vote the same way as the population voted .

Cast1es Level 8 July 10, 2018

Wow! I didn't know it was that skewed. Abolish the electoral college!

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