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Suggestion to help make it harder for the scammers that are on this site. I would like the option to not allow anyone that was not a level 3 or higher to message me. The scammers won't commit to becoming level 3 and it will reduce their presence a little.

sassysapiosexual 6 July 10

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Too much worry about scammers, which even low-IQ people should be able to spot at 100 yards or more. Policing this site for whatever bogeyman someone worries about will not improve it.

@sassysapiosexual. Have you considered that the statement in your profile that says, "only...level 3 or above" is causing you grief because some of these fools see it as a challenge they need to take? Your profile is hilariously provocative...i enjoyed it! But just like my profile on POF says, "no phone sex, no quickies" I get a certain kind that wants to see if I really, really mean it......because you do get a LOT more "scammers" than most!


Seeing a lot more trying to get in. When I see a profile that says they believe 100% it is a big red flag. They must now be picking places out on a map and claiming to be from there.

azzow2 Level 9 July 10, 2018

We currently limit it to level 2+. I'll think about adding an option to set it higher.

Admin Level 8 July 10, 2018

Great idea. Allow each user the option to set their own minimum level.

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