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I've seen it too many times!!!

Can we fine any members who make an atheist/non-prophet joke?!?!

UPDATE: It seems some think I am offended by mocking prophets! I assure you that is NOT the case!

I am offended by the reuse of a stale, overused joke that has been done to death! We are better this! We can come up with something more original! I believe in you people!

OlderMusicGeek 7 July 10

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard a non-prophet joke?

they tend to be about the stereotypes of atheists... eating babies for breakfast, BYOB (bring your own baby) BBQ, orgy Tuesday... you know what every believer think we do all day with our lack of moral compass.


Not everyone is exposed to things at the same rate or for the same length of time.Something that is old hat to you is new for others. That's the whole point of a community.


hmmm a level 6... you should wait until you reach at least 8.5 before you put that order in.
I've done several baby BBQ and orgy jokes already. Been also censored on some of them.

Lukian Level 8 July 11, 2018

Whambulance on the way sir! We specialize in peevishness and the overly picky!????


I'm not sure I understand your problem. Are you put off by atheist/non-prophet jokes? How dare anyone come to a clearly non-religious site and mock deities! Hell bound, for sure. Well, maybe. Uh...probably not. NOT.


Stop reading things that offend you and you'll be offended less often. That bit of advice will cost you a quarter. 😉

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