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Just when you thought we’d left the Dark Ages…

‘a lawyer for Trump's Department of Justice argued that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect LGBTQ Americans from being fired because of their sexual orientation—a complete reversal of the government's position on such matters under previous presidents.

The Justice Department argument Tuesday, before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, came in the case of Donald Zarda who claims he was fired by his company, Altitude Express, for being gay…

The Department of Justice has repeatedly railed against LGBTQ protections in multiple high-profile cases under Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
The Justice Department argument reflects a "significant undermining of the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality," Greg Nevins of Lambda Legal added.’


moNOtheist 7 July 10

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PEOPLE are PEOPLE, none of my, or anyone's business what they do in private! (I shudder to think about Pence & his "mommy", for example)


This is infuriating.



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