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Finally got my tomatoes transplanted! Have to have them up on the deck so the deer won't eat them (the one is already way shorter because of all the tops being eaten off!) Nice sunny spot on the deck and easy to get to for harvesting! Love me some fresh tomatoes!

Free_2B_Me 7 July 11

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Great photos!


Home grown Tomato's are to die for,wonderful flavor,great on hamburgers or sliced, and a little oil and Vinegar as a salad. I'll sometimes take a sliced Tomato,and put a scoop of cottage cheese on it.

Another favorite is take some sourdough bread,butter it up,slice a Tomato,salt and pepper to taste,and either shredded,or sliced cheese and then in the oven's broiler, just enough to melt the cheeese and crisp the bread. Yummm.


I like tomatoes, home grown tomatoes. They look really good.

Store bought have no flavor,as they are picked green and artificially made red by Ethylene gas. Ripe Tomatoes do not travel well,buy locally at the fruit stands. The Amish ones are great.


Those look really good and healthy.


I must have a deer that crosses my yard on occasion. It doesn't bother my tomatoes, but it loves nibbling on my asters.

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