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That pretty much sums it up.

Snickers77 8 July 11

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Well, it's summertime, and here in Wayne County, birthplace of mormonism, we have The Hill Cumorah play, free of charge to visitors. You can see the whole story, including The angel Moroni. It is a sight!
When you see the visitors streaming to the site, you realize that people are in dire need of faiytales to believe. it is a spectacle!


The best description I've heard of the Book of Mormon is that it's Bible fan-fiction.

@Snickers77 That's what a "fan" is!

@Snickers77 Yeah it does. But fan fiction is whole 'nother thing.


I see no reason to read ANY of the religious texts. Makes no sense to read nonsense.


Has anyone read it? It's fiction so I wonder is it a good story, with an interesting plot that makes it a page-turner? Or (God forbid), could it be classed as literature?

I read a good portion of it four decades ago. It was no page-turner. It was, in fact, almost laughably tacky. It's written in faux King James English, too.

@Snickers77 @mordant Well I better give that a miss. Thanks for the warning!


Brought to you by the angel Moroni - I ain't lying!

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