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Winter sunshine, rubber trees & bamboo at the river.

walklightly 8 July 12

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Beautiful. I know a few locations in the Netherlands that are like that. Please send 99% of the people to the moon or to wherever and let me and the rest of the 1% that care for the earth enjoy what is left and start rebuild what is destroyed.
Well, I believe when 100% is deported, the earth will do very well too. I believe that earth will totally recover in 100-200 years. Nature is very capable.

Gert Level 7 July 13, 2018

i agree, & am confident that this little jewel of a planet will fare beautiful without us (or at least without 99% of us) - i can already hear her sigh of relief 😉


wow so beautiful

yes, & that is a big part of my reason for still being in australia, not so much the people.


The rubber tree is a majestic looking species! Is bamboo native to Australia?

there are native bamboos in the north of australia, but this isn't one of them.


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